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Release notes for TORO Integrate v3.2.2

TORO Integrate v3.2.2 was published on March 18, 2019. It addresses the following issues:


  • ESB-3660 - Implement optimizations to the tracked request handling api of master-3.2.0
  • ESB-3561 - Allow SMTP server that does not have a login and password like inbucket


  • ESB-3652 - CoreMethods not showing up
  • ESB-3645 - Model "io.toro.integrate.rss.Person" is using "Author" as name
  • ESB-3644 - IntegrateMethods#getPackages() throwing NPE on installer build 3.2.2 RC2
  • ESB-3635 - JabberMethods#sendGroupMessage(String, String, String, String, boolean, String) does not acknowledge leaveOnFinish
  • ESB-3634 - Incorrect logger used in LoggerMethods#debugIfEnabled(String, String)
  • ESB-3633 - MonitorMethods.getMonitorBill() throws groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException
  • ESB-3589 - IntegrateMethods.getPackage returns null on v3.2.2
  • ESB-3573 - If a package has an invalid Groovy file it doesn't register .api files on startup
  • ESB-3564 - Email Endpoint reply configuration issues
  • ESB-3563 - Outlook unable to send emails when used for "Replying" in Email endpoint
  • ESB-3557 - Flux service parameters not getting mapped when called via /invoke
  • ESB-3551 - File access permission issue on Windows OS
  • ESB-3546 - Unable to resolve Integrate models in Windows OS
  • ESB-3537 - Search returns results even if the query does not match
  • ESB-3534 - JMS listener endpoint unable to receive the JMS message if durable is ticked (Destination type is queue)
  • ESB-3524 - IntegrateMethods#validateEndpoint throwing ToroRuntimeException when validating a Tracker
  • ESB-3523 - SMTP error 450 and 550 when reply-email is Yahoo mail.
  • ESB-3522 - MissingPropertyException on IntegrateMethods#importPackage
  • ESB-3521 - IntegrateMethods#savePackage MissingMethodException
  • ESB-3518 - org.apache.jasper.JasperException thrown when loading some JSPs
  • ESB-3450 - URL Alias endpoint incompatible endpoint service


  • ESB-3605 - Patch libraries with critical vulnerabilities
  • ESB-3614 - Log exceptions thrown during sending of WebSocket debug message