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Release notes for TORO Integrate v3.2.0

TORO Integrate v3.2.0 was released on Feb. 05, 2019. This version brings the following new features and improvements:

  • Ability to bulk insert in Solr
  • New one-liners for performing bulk inserts in Solr

    Solr bulk insert, graphical representation

  • New one-liners for performing remote package deployment

  • Customization of log patterns

For the complete list of features, improvements, and bug fixes, see the list of Jira tickets below.


  • ESB-2781 - Introduce Remote Deployment One Liner
  • ESB-2837 - Add license sync command on cli
  • ESB-2928 - Allow customization of logger pattern format
  • ESB-3047 - Add the ability to bulk insert in solr
  • ESB-3152 - Introduce One liner for solr bulk insert


  • ESB-2364 - Change Groovy script default RequestMapping from Controller to RestController.
  • ESB-2676 - Improve error message when marketplace gives an incorrect item payload
  • ESB-2769 - Allow PackagePath to expose getter of PackagePath attribute
  • ESB-2792 - Use output expression for column header names for flat files
  • ESB-2847 - Move Package Properties to a single folder
  • ESB-2866 - Change PackagePath.getPackageHome to return type PackagePath
  • ESB-2925 - Display License Last Callback Timestamp on Web UI
  • ESB-2926 - Display License Last Callback Timestamp on CLI
  • ESB-2994 - Download dependencies if missing when downloading a package
  • ESB-3055 - Remove Unnecessary fields in PackagePath and make it easier to extend
  • ESB-3168 - API Explorer backend and Swagger issues
  • ESB-3214 - Map Content-Type header to contentType input when generating client services
  • ESB-3259 - Include the email headers in the Message model


  • ESB-2319 - Doesn't give an error when running a service with a non nullable input that's empty
  • ESB-2936 - Failed to complete download when installing marketplace api schema
  • ESB-2938 - Could not preview generated Gloop REST API's OpenAPI definition
  • ESB-2943 - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception on Batch Insert using Oracle DB
  • ESB-2944 - Exceptions for the /invoke URL aren't handled properly
  • ESB-2967 - Model not found error when generating services from an OpenAPI spec.
  • ESB-2969 - Failed to authenticate rest api's http request with basic auth
  • ESB-2974 - GloopModel is not applying the attributes from JSON Schema
  • ESB-2997 - [examples package] Groovy class demonstrating custom Solr core indexing uses incorrect method
  • ESB-3006 - Integrate tries to compile files that don't exist
  • ESB-3036 - FileNotFoundException thrown on FluxPackageListener
  • ESB-3075 - Remove ReentrantLock in TOROProperties for reading.
  • ESB-3082 - Services with same name don't appear properly in service picker
  • ESB-3095 - Resolve Thread lock issue where TOROProperties is not persisting the correct values due to multithread environment
  • ESB-3110 - license URL not working
  • ESB-3116 - Ftp client endpoint throws exception on deleted event
  • ESB-3118 - Resolve bugs on NamespaceUtils where it doesn't get the proper namespace
  • ESB-3150 - Created endpoint via IntegrateMethods#saveEndpoint cannot be stopped if created with STARTED status
  • ESB-3154 - RestMethods.jsonGet() broken
  • ESB-3158 - Filter filesystems that are not in max depth when doing PackagePath#walk
  • ESB-3159 - IntegrateMethods#getPackage does not return endpoint's live status
  • ESB-3165 - API calls being sent (almost) at the same time returns 404
  • ESB-3166 - Directory watcher should not set FileInputStream if the path is a directory
  • ESB-3169 - Gloop REST does not handle multipart request with accept type application/octet-stream
  • ESB-3175 - Authentication exception on email endpoint is not logged
  • ESB-3184 - Declared model/property is lost in the scope of ArrayMethods#find
  • ESB-3193 - Integrate requires 'httpRequestTrackingFilter' bean for custom web apps
  • ESB-3196 - packageName property on core endpoint causes startup errors
  • ESB-3221 - NPE thrown on startup in packageHome property of ESBPackage
  • ESB-3237 - Query string parameters aren't being tracked in the gloop http client
  • ESB-3246 - Receiving a warning when the responseCode set doesn't exist on the api response
  • ESB-3249 - Reading a notification returns error 500
  • ESB-3252 - Polling interval option persistence bug
  • ESB-3256 - Using ActiveMQJMSConnectionFactory not allowed when using artemis
  • ESB-3260 - Add Content-Length: 0 header when body is empty in Gloop HTTP client
  • ESB-3277 - No proper message when market item can't be uploaded due to version
  • ESB-3287 - Copying a JAR file to package's 'jars' directory creates an extra directory + renames the JAR file
  • ESB-3288 - Can't use custom Groovy extension JAR
  • ESB-3302 - Multiple dirwatcher endpoint issue
  • ESB-3304 - JMS Listener randomly not receiving messages if destination is queue
  • ESB-3324 - Invoke service URL redirects to /package
  • ESB-3325 - Documentation-Implementation Mismatch: Directory Watcher Service Parameters
  • ESB-3326 - Unable to install license via CLI Tool
  • ESB-3329 - Email Endpoint Issues
  • ESB-3333 - Error when fetching monitor rule services if one of the services is misconfigured
  • ESB-3352 - Cannot get "properties" variable on any endpoint's service
  • ESB-3365 - Tracker/Monitor endpoints failing on Integrate dashboard