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Release notes for TORO Integrate v3.1.0

TORO Integrate v3.1.0, published on October 31, 2018, packs additional features and improvements. The biggest of these are:

  • Support for Kafka

    Kafka features, as seen on the UI

    Unsupported by Coder Cloud

    As of present, Coder Cloud does not yet carry the capability to create and configure Kafka listener endpoints. Kafka one-liners, however, may still be used. Prefer Coder Studio for full-feature support.

  • Support for RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ Artemis

    RabbitMQ web console showing Integrate-related queues

    Artemis web console showing Integrate-related consumers

  • Remote server deployment of Integrate packages

    Remote deploying a package

    Unsupported by Coder Cloud

    As of present, Coder Cloud does not have the UI components necessary to support this feature. Prefer Coder Studio for full-feature support.


  • ESB-1903 - Add a resources folder to Integrate packages
  • ESB-2177 - Implement Postman to Gloop Client Services Command
  • ESB-2400 - Add a way to inject gloop comments to third party classes without creating a wrapper class
  • ESB-2502 - Create kafka listener endpoint
  • ESB-2570 - Implement Rabbit MQ Broker Module
  • ESB-2571 - Implement Artemis Broker Module
  • ESB-2576 - Create examples for kafka-listener
  • ESB-2589 - Ensure backwards compatibility for 3.0 broker configuration
  • ESB-2616 - Create integrate websocket examples
  • ESB-2636 - Add a way to disable tracker on flux services
  • ESB-2690 - Introduce versioning in Package Dependency
  • ESB-2704 - Implement backward compatible esb-package.xml xstream converter
  • ESB-2712 - Add external lib directory in installer
  • ESB-2737 - Allow to override existing license from Integrate launcher


  • ESB-1964 - Find a nice way of returning inserted IDs when using gloop sql insert services
  • ESB-2044 - Remote servers functionality
  • ESB-2326 - Parse all server URLs in open api files and add as input choices
  • ESB-2525 - Add ability to limit log file size of Integrate logger
  • ESB-2626 - Add new broker configuration files to Integrate
  • ESB-2650 - Finding reference on a groovy/java file should show its bean references
  • ESB-2668 - Purge all Transport connector code in favor of XML configuration of Spring
  • ESB-2669 - add package deployment functionality to cli client
  • ESB-2682 - Move XML broker configurations to /conf
  • ESB-2700 - Add logging of error when starting Solr Core
  • ESB-2713 - Installer should delete all files in {{lib}} directory when upgrading
  • ESB-2723 - Security agent causing startup bottleneck
  • ESB-2735 - Remove and refactor integrate example package startup and shutdown services
  • ESB-2738 - Use more descriptive thread names
  • ESB-2741 - Add about dialog to Integrate launcher
  • ESB-2742 - Update launcher to handle up time error
  • ESB-2753 - Remove login page option from desktop edition splash screen
  • ESB-2780 - Accept remote server package deployment credential as request body
  • ESB-2807 - Move solr core config to conf dir
  • ESB-2853 - Delete class file if groovy compilation error occurs
  • ESB-2854 - GetFiles in CoderDevelopmentControllerImpl with non existent file should return 404 instead of 200
  • ESB-2880 - Creating files with dots in the name should be used as the namespace
  • ESB-2899 - Increase tracker indexing limit size
  • ESB-2906 - Add support for SQL Limit parameters in gloop SQL service
  • ESB-2913 - Gloop Model property driverClass length


  • ESB-1868 - NPE thrown during shutdown when maximum uptime reached.
  • ESB-2295 - Integration stopped working because of java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  • ESB-2391 - Use property's name instead of alias when mapping.
  • ESB-2398 - Can't run a GloopService generated from a openapi file.
  • ESB-2415 - Generated service from OpenAPI always have semicolon in Content-Type value
  • ESB-2534 - LicenseCallbackInterceptor should throw exception REST Response on invalid license for REST API instead of redirecting to login page
  • ESB-2542 - solr.EnumFieldType external configuration file not being picked up for custom solr index
  • ESB-2543 - Embedded Solr: not being applied properly
  • ESB-2544 - Converting stomp headers to JMS message properties does not follow JMS specification
  • ESB-2549 - Can’t sync license from launcher
  • ESB-2550 - LicenseManager throwing excessive callback exception on first time user
  • ESB-2580 - Integrate does not override api explorer host based from request
  • ESB-2596 - Creating scheduler no longer works in Coder Cloud
  • ESB-2597 - RSSExamples endpoint in examples package could not be started
  • ESB-2610 - SolrInvokeSummaryService throws NPE
  • ESB-2615 - Getting incomplete destinations when empty broker statistics supplier is used
  • ESB-2619 - Endpoint consumers do not use endpoint name in broker statistics
  • ESB-2620 - Fix replyUsername and replyPassword are currently required
  • ESB-2621 - Fix starting of directory watcher can only be done once
  • ESB-2622 - /esbapi/system/logs returns logs in the wrong order
  • ESB-2623 - Bring back 'persistAfterExecution' when scheduler endpoint is 'stateful'
  • ESB-2631 - RemoteActiveMQBrokerStats throwing NPE
  • ESB-2637 - Deleting a gloop api or service doesn't remove it's REST HTTP URL mappings from spring
  • ESB-2639 - GloopServiceNotFoundException when adding a gloop service on a stopped package
  • ESB-2644 - References lost when renaming a Groovy class file
  • ESB-2652 - Reference type of startup/shutdown services always use reference type of code
  • ESB-2653 - Use index of startup/shutdown services as line numbers when referenced
  • ESB-2680 - Gloop not displaying empty JSON and XML strings properly
  • ESB-2695 - Gloop API consume swagger doesn't generates gloop service input properly.
  • ESB-2699 - Response content is not mapped based on the responseCode
  • ESB-2709 - Unable to update SSL and SASL property of KafkaListenerEndpoint
  • ESB-2718 - Return a proper response code should Integrate encountered exception that relates to failure to parse a request body
  • ESB-2721 - getPackages method of PackageApi client doesn't update the status of endpoint
  • ESB-2724 - Index Endpoint Service during endpoint save
  • ESB-2731 - NPE thrown when saving endpoint from Coder Cloud
  • ESB-2732 - License check for allowable ConnectionFactories is not working
  • ESB-2736 - Unable to save endpoint.
  • ESB-2740 should be called after endpoint invocation
  • ESB-2746 - Got StackOverflowError when consuming my swagger file.
  • ESB-2748 - Indexing fails on classes whose constructor requires a package
  • ESB-2750 - Missing long serializer on kafka producer methods
  • ESB-2752 - Can no longer acces web page on distributable
  • ESB-2755 - Getting warning to the generated service out of a wadl file.
  • ESB-2757 - Unable to authorize as an Integrate User if not logged in as ECC user.
  • ESB-2758 - form data request are not handled in open api and postman
  • ESB-2759 - Can't delete or move JSP files
  • ESB-2766 - Disabling Package does not send disabled event
  • ESB-2778 - Installer shouldn't delete the lib/ext dir
  • ESB-2786 - Consuming API via Coder Studio creates the list of gloop service in the wrong location
  • ESB-2794 - WriteLimitReachedException encountered
  • ESB-2797 - Changed Gloop Services invoked from endpoints aren't refreshed when the services are updated
  • ESB-2798 - Fix websocket example
  • ESB-2799 - Cannot copy jsp files
  • ESB-2801 - Import lost when renaming groovy file
  • ESB-2808 - Cannot resolve core models
  • ESB-2814 - Exclude SetupAction and License Installation JSP page from deletion for desktop edition
  • ESB-2820 - Cannot connect to Artemis broker due to missing class
  • ESB-2821 - External activemq licensing issue
  • ESB-2823 - Configuration error when creating a database that connects to an mssql db
  • ESB-2829 - Got 'securityMode' is not recognized when starting jabber endpoint
  • ESB-2830 - File operations on /web directory does not publish file events
  • ESB-2833 - Namespace conflicts dont stop you from starting packages
  • ESB-2834 - Email endpoint throws error when it detected new email
  • ESB-2835 - Advice on LicenseServiceInvokeInterceptor not applied
  • ESB-2839 - Resolve wrong package name when moving the groovy file from invalid package to the valid package
  • ESB-2840 - Hitting http://localhost:8080/coder-api/getFiles/core/code/io/toro/integrate/alert/Alert.model url return a response of type directory rather than a file.
  • ESB-2841 - Unable to fetch tables from remote mssql db.
  • ESB-2842 - Issues when starting embedded kafka broker
  • ESB-2844 - License listeners are not invoked when updating license through CLI/Launcher
  • ESB-2845 - Package property not included when deployed to another Integrate instance
  • ESB-2846 - Invalid URL format generated by Oracle DB Drivers when creating Database
  • ESB-2850 - Kafka listener deserializers' failed deserialization causes infinite loop
  • ESB-2851 - AsyncRemoteDeploymentServiceImpl unable to serialize Package object as response
  • ESB-2852 - Remove error validation on /setup/install-license page
  • ESB-2856 - Invalid $ref paths on the generated swagger spec
  • ESB-2857 - Unable to fetch Endpoint service when the integrate package is stopped
  • ESB-2858 - Scanning of groovy files throws NPE when a package is stopped
  • ESB-2859 - Integrate not using lib/ext when running via service on headless server
  • ESB-2862 - Solr core instance not truly stopped
  • ESB-2864 - Getting an error when trying to stop JMS Endpoint
  • ESB-2865 - [Examples package] 'Method not allowed' error when submitting JSP form in examples package
  • ESB-2871 - Receiving HTML disregarding of the Accept header when requesting Integrate with invalid credentials
  • ESB-2872 - Missing required properties: path when requesting /coder-api/info/core
  • ESB-2876 - Blank error popup for error prompt in Windows launcher
  • ESB-2877 - Gloop Model not loaded in classpath
  • ESB-2878 - Timeouts aren't configureable for email client
  • ESB-2898 - Errors thrown in logs when updating an existing installation to the latest
  • ESB-2900 - Launcher status indicator shows incorrect status after a restart
  • ESB-2901 - Guarantee that kafka-listener endpoint is fully stopped
  • ESB-2904 - Properties manager gets reinitialised when shut down from studio
  • ESB-2907 - Remove Rogue Classes and Jar produced by AST plugin
  • ESB-2908 - Integrate displays warning messages when ftp server endpoints have no services
  • ESB-2910 - Jabber endpoint is detecting an event even when typing.
  • ESB-2911 - Infinite recursion when reached invokes limit.
  • ESB-2912 - Missing kafka-listener in the choices
  • ESB-2915 - Change scheduler endpoint simpleRepeating default value to 1
  • ESB-2920 - Delete duplicate parentCursor on examples package