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TORO Integrate v3.0.2 Release Notes

TORO Integrate v3.0.2 was released on September 20, 2018 and this version fixes the following bugs:

  • ESB-2625 - ResourceDownloadException when consuming Netsuite's WSDL
  • ESB-2645 - .class file exists after deleting groovy file
  • ESB-2648 - Integrate does not start when flux is prematurely terminated
  • ESB-2661 - Too many login attempts when using EmailMethods.sendMail
  • ESB-2673 - Gloop REST API doesn't return the $gloopView as jsp page.
  • ESB-2674 - com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndFeed was not return as xml when exposed via Gloop REST API
  • ESB-2675 - Stackoverflow when consuming a large swagger file