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TORO Integrate v3.0.1 Release Notes

TORO Integrate's v3.0.1 hotfix was published on September 12, 2018 and addresses the following tickets:


  • ESB-2555 - Include the TrackMethod enum in the list of automatically imported classes
  • ESB-2590 - Improve error message when database fails to start/stop


  • ESB-2548 - Tracker autocomplete API throws bad request
  • ESB-2552 - Integrate does not honor @Track annotation when put on top of a class
  • ESB-2563 - Database not properly being close even after stopping.
  • ESB-2568 - Getting HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException for requests with Content-Type other than JSON/XML
  • ESB-2569 - Unable to delete file and folder in web folder of an Integrate Package
  • ESB-2580 - Integrate does not override api explorer host based from request
  • ESB-2604 - Swagger code doesn't handle object properties properly