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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.5.1

Coder Studio v1.5.1 was published on May 16, 2019. This version updates the icons in the Default perspective.

Coder Studio, Default perspective

Coder Studio, Debug perspective


  • ESBINT-1363 - Replace default Eclipse icons
  • ESBINT-2781 - Add shortcut to duplicate a request tab in the HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2796 - Add shortcut to close request tab in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2857 - Remove unused buttons and menus from Gloop perspectives
  • ESBINT-2852 - Show Gloop debug perspective button by default on the top right
  • ESBINT-2819 - Put both Excel file masks in the same entry
  • ESBINT-2808 - Add link to Integrate docs at the bottom of the welcome page
  • ESBINT-2800 - Improve Integrate instance configuration dialog
  • ESBINT-2792 - Use the respective HTTP method icon for HTTP Client request tabs
  • ESBINT-2884 - Show from and to path of selected map line step in Properties view title


  • ESBINT-2862 - Duplicated declared properties are not validated correctly if there is an unloaded variable
  • ESBINT-2861 - Error while validating invoke step with recursive model input
  • ESBINT-2856 - Can't use move shortcut after editing a Gloop property or step
  • ESBINT-2855 - Expanding collapsed mapper lines via double click sometimes doesn't redraw them
  • ESBINT-2854 - Run/Debug toolbar buttons don't launch the active editor
  • ESBINT-2851 - Errors sometimes don't disappear in edit values dialog like date formats
  • ESBINT-2840 - Link with HTTP Request Tab setting is not retrieved correctly
  • ESBINT-2830 - Refactoring a variable name doesn't update correctly affected iterate step input/output arrays
  • ESBINT-2806 - Random value is not generated using one of the date format when generating an HTTP request
  • ESBINT-2798 - Invoke in HTTP Client doesn't work for every Groovy script methods
  • ESBINT-2797 - Incorrect URL used to invoke Groovy script in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2780 - Tracker view layout issue