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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.5.0

Coder Studio v1.5.0 was published on March 18, 2019. Here are the features and improvements you should look forward to in this version:

  • "Tip of the Day" feature which displays new tips on startup and suggests tips depending on the context of your actions.

    Tip of the Day dialog

  • Support for cookie management in HTTP Client

    HTTP Client Cookie Manager

  • Importing and exporting of HTTP requests in the HTTP Client

    Exporting request groups

    Importing request groups

  • Ability to export an HTTP Client request as a Gloop service

    Exporting an HTTP request group using the context menu

  • Ability to replace a step via content assist

    Replacing a step with content assist


  • ESBINT-2580 - Add ability to import and export requests and groups in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2608 - Add ability to replace the selected step with another via content assist
  • ESBINT-2592 - Add support for exporting a HTTP request to a Gloop service
  • ESBINT-2571 - Cookie management support in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-1108 - Create tip system


  • ESBINT-2743 - Add "Add Request Group" menu item to Http Client
  • ESBINT-2755 - Add Enable/Disable Step menu item in Gloop service editor
  • ESBINT-2757 - Add ability to link request selection in tree to tab selection in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2736 - Add add and delete header item to HTTP Client headers table menu
  • ESBINT-2739 - Add add and delete menu item to HTTP Client form-data and x-www-form-urlencoded
  • ESBINT-2738 - Add add and delete parameter item to HTTP Client parameters table menu
  • ESBINT-2749 - Auto populate cookies when invoking REST API operation via HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2705 - Auto populate more default values for generated HTTP Client request fields
  • ESBINT-2680 - Gloop enabled Groovy editor array support improvements
  • ESBINT-2714 - Improve Date/Time cell editor
  • ESBINT-2748 - Improve HTTP Client performance when opening a new request tab
  • ESBINT-2741 - Integrate session UI improvement
  • ESBINT-2752 - Middle-click to close HTTP Client request tabs
  • ESBINT-2715 - Show Gloop property default value in gray in value column
  • ESBINT-2750 - Support 'replyFrom' field for email endpoint form
  • ESBINT-2734 - Support enabled/disabled query parameters in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2762 - Support sending POST request with empty body in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2698 - Warn users when attempting to delete an Integrate package which has dependents


  • ESBINT-2742 - HTTP Client sometimes doesn't show correct values for body and header size
  • ESBINT-2768 - Unable to paste text in Text field if an Integrate package is selected in the navigator
  • ESBINT-2747 - Able to Enable/Disable TRY CATCH and FINALLY steps
  • ESBINT-2745 - Able to add comments and labels in TRY CATCH and FINALLY steps
  • ESBINT-2709 - Able to drag and drop Gloop metadata from another instance
  • ESBINT-2729 - Add Set Expression and Add Property and Map menu item is showing with no selection in Mapper
  • ESBINT-2454 - Clicking on mapper gloop properties sometimes triggers editor to be dirty
  • ESBINT-2730 - Deprecated property is being used when creating a FTP Client endpoint
  • ESBINT-2728 - Edit Expression is showing when right clicking on a Iterate step
  • ESBINT-2725 - Invalid import when creating a new groovy service from service picker dialog
  • ESBINT-2751 - Light theme is missing some colors
  • ESBINT-2724 - Newly added property doesn't update the label of the tree item in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2760 - Query parameter are being duplicated when editing from the parameter table in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2720 - Switching from the User to Group in the Integrate User and Group dialog sometimes does not show the details block
  • ESBINT-2645 - Text cell editor button doesn't work on Windows and Linux
  • ESBINT-2694 - Toggle comments button in Mapper doesn't repaint the tree
  • ESBINT-2721 - Unable to delete pasted map line in map steps or Invoke Code steps
  • ESBINT-2744 - Warning dialog shows up even when there's no visible warnings
  • ESBINT-2732 - Warning is showing on response code field with value '$responseCode'