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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.4.0

Coder Studio v1.4.0 was published on Feb. 05, 2019. This version was made to work with TORO Integrate v3.2. Here are the features and improvements you should look forward to in this version:

  • Ability to upload Integrate packages to the TORO Marketplace directly from Coder Studio

    Uploading an Integrate package to the TORO Marketplace

  • New wizard for conveniently creating services for Integrate endpoints, Integrate packages (startup and shutdown), and Monitor rules

    Creating a Gloop service from the Integrate endpoint configuration page

  • You can now create and navigate Flux transitions in the Flux editor using content assist and keyboard shortcuts

    Creating transitions via content assist

    Navigate through transitions using Tab and Ctrl Tab

  • Support for copying and pasting of map lines

    Copying map lines from the Step editor to the Mapper view

  • Improved validation and quick fixes for the REST API editor

    Creating missing Gloop service properties via quick fix

  • Support for authentication via Integrate sessions in the HTTP client

    Authentication using Integrate session

For a complete list of features, improvements, and bug fixes addressed in this version, see the following tickets below.


  • ESBINT-2606 - Add ability to upload packages and other items to the Marketplace from Coder Studio
  • ESBINT-2628 - Add wizard to create a service for a specific endpoint, package lifecycle or monitor rule
  • ESBINT-2637 - Add content assist to create transition in Flux Editor
  • ESBINT-2638 - Use key modifier to enable tabbing between transitions of a Flux state
  • ESBINT-2703 - Add support for Integrate session auth in HTTP Client


  • ESBINT-2481 - Support copy/paste of map line and set expression
  • ESBINT-2526 - Create "Add property" quickfix when property couldn't be resolved in RestApiEditor
  • ESBINT-2601 - Add context menu item in user table to copy access token
  • ESBINT-2603 - Add checkbox to marketplace item installation wizard for installing dependencies
  • ESBINT-2654 - Allow editing of Integrate user from table
  • ESBINT-2656 - Improve how text can be pasted on the model tree when running a Gloop service
  • ESBINT-2664 - Only allow forward slashes, letters, numbers, hyphen and underscore in the rest api base path field
  • ESBINT-2684 - Display markdown in service picker
  • ESBINT-2690 - Filter editors context menu unnecessary menu items


  • ESBINT-2626 - Invalid characters in name are being used after creating/renaming a property in REST Api Editor
  • ESBINT-2642 - Wrong date displayed in Marketplace browser
  • ESBINT-2649 - Export report menu not showing in Coder Navigator
  • ESBINT-2650 - Find reference of service doesn't work in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2651 - Open declaration and find reference not working in SOAP API editor
  • ESBINT-2655 - Setting an array item variable value when debugging a Gloop service doesn't work
  • ESBINT-2661 - Disappearing proposals in content assist search when pressing caps lock
  • ESBINT-2667 - Quick fix edit service creates the service but is added without the namespace
  • ESBINT-2668 - Error in path field in Path wizard in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2674 - New Parameter wizard doesn't add the description on the created parameter in the editor
  • ESBINT-2675 - Error when you cancel the Model from mockup wizard during the content assist
  • ESBINT-2677 - Attach Debugger not appearing on Flux services in Service Manager view
  • ESBINT-2691 - Most history UI features are disabled
  • ESBINT-2695 - Map from content proposal in a model in mapper shows unnecessary proposals
  • ESBINT-2702 - I/O view tab name doesn't change back to Input/Output