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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.3.0

Coder Studio v1.3.0 was released on December 11, 2018. It brings the following major features and improvements:

  • HTTP Client

    Invoking a Gloop service using the HTTP client

  • YAML support for Gloop models

    Creating a Gloop model from a YAML string

  • Mapping with content-assist

    Mapping via content assist in the Gloop step tree

    Mapping via content assist in Mapper

    Mapping via content assist in the Flux editor

  • Ability to create Gloop models from JSON or XML schemas or documents with content assist

    Creating a property from markup

For a complete list of features, improvements, and bug fixes addressed in this version, see the lists below.


  • ESBINT-212 - Add content proposal for mapping in Mapper
  • ESBINT-2017 - Create HTTP Client UI
  • ESBINT-2457 - Add a way to create a Gloop model on the fly from json/xml in the model editor
  • ESBINT-2458 - Add a way to set model property of a REST API operation from json/xml/yaml
  • ESBINT-2553 - Add ability for Gloop to read YAML
  • ESBINT-2554 - Add YAML page to Gloop Model wizard
  • ESBINT-2567 - Add ability to invoke a Gloop service in HTTP client view via DnD or context menu
  • ESBINT-2572 - Add content assist to header name and value in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2573 - Add DnD to reorder HTTP requests within a group and to move from one group to another
  • ESBINT-2574 - Add support for variables in HTTP request
  • ESBINT-2575 - Implement OAuth 1 HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-SHA256 signature method
  • ESBINT-2583 - Add ability to invoke a REST API operation in HTTP client view via DnD or context menu
  • ESBINT-2584 - Add ability to invoke a Groovy service in HTTP client view via DnD or context menu
  • ESBINT-2585 - Add description field for parameters, headers and form data
  • ESBINT-2587 - Add template proposal to add a set expression from step editor
  • ESBINT-2588 - Add menu item to allow or disallow extra properties in a Gloop model
  • ESBINT-2589 - Add menu item to duplicate a request in HTTP Client


  • ESBINT-2452 - Add a way to open the endpoint service and shutdown/startup services
  • ESBINT-2453 - Add a reset button to each field that has a default value in endpoint forms
  • ESBINT-2527 - Create "Create service" quickfix when service couldn't be resolved in RestApiEditopr
  • ESBINT-2528 - Add QuickFix for typo in path variables in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2541 - Make Topic name editable in Kafka Listener endpoint
  • ESBINT-2542 - Initialize SSL passwords in Kafka Listener Endpoint
  • ESBINT-2556 - Improve Open API Explorer so that it can accept Integrate username/password
  • ESBINT-2563 - Make enabling and disabling map lines and set steps more intuitive
  • ESBINT-2576 - Improve cell editor for response header
  • ESBINT-2577 - Add cell editor to response cookies table columns
  • ESBINT-2578 - Handle big response content in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2579 - Add button to download response body in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2581 - Implement Edit context menu for requests in the HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2582 - Add ability to invoke a Flux service in HTTP client view via DnD or context menu
  • ESBINT-2595 - Add support for file form data in HTTP Client
  • ESBINT-2616 - Add description to header values and response headers in registry
  • ESBINT-2636 - Add support for DnD services and REST API as request group in http client


  • ESBINT-2551 - The integrate core jar path added as JDT project dependency is invalid once coder studio version changes
  • ESBINT-2552 - Fix missing required bundle in production p2
  • ESBINT-2570 - Log every N iteration content proposal is not available under iterate step children
  • ESBINT-2597 - Unable to open FTP Server endpoint form page.
  • ESBINT-2609 - When typing a parameter type in the content assist, no proposal shows in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2619 - Deleting mock data causes an error in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2623 - Location is not validated in Gloop API wizard
  • ESBINT-2631 - Move Refactor gloop objects in flux and flux states does not show the output model properties as target choice
  • ESBINT-2632 - Set expression content proposal doesn't show in Flux states in certain conditions