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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.2.0

Coder Studio v1.2.0, published on November 01, 2018, packs additional features and improvements; the biggest of which are:

  • Ability to use mock data in the REST API editor

    REST API editor, mock response data

  • UI for remote package deployment

    Remotely deploying a package

  • Improved navigation with a more powerful open declaration

    Improved open declaration

  • More refactoring capabilities for Gloop and Flux

    Gloop service editor, refactor moved properties

    Flux service editor, refactor moved properties

  • New content proposals and templates

    Gloop service editor logs every `n` iteration of step

    REST API editor, content assist for `Produces` property

  • More validation checks and quick fix options


  • ESBINT-2378 - Refactoring for moving gloop properties
  • ESBINT-2379 - Add to I/O models and map property with one drag and drop in mapper
  • ESBINT-2387 - Add kafka listener endpoint form editor
  • ESBINT-2390 - Improve open declaration to be able to select properties
  • ESBINT-2415 - Add UI for deployment target and Integrate package deployment
  • ESBINT-2416 - Add refactoring for REST properties
  • ESBINT-2417 - Improve content assist for consume and produce in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2418 - Add ways to create and manipulate the operation service from the REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2419 - Use properties view to show comments and description of selected element in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2420 - Add tooltip for service in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2443 - Add ability to mock data in a REST API operation
  • ESBINT-2479 - Add UI for Spreadsheet flat file type to FFD editor
  • ESBINT-2491 - Create a content proposal that logs every N iterations under an iterate or while step


  • ESBINT-2361 - Improve navigation to different gloop service launches in debug exec history view
  • ESBINT-2385 - Add tooltip to SOAP API editor operation viewer
  • ESBINT-2386 - Show the body parameter node whenever it can
  • ESBINT-2394 - Show errors in REST API Editor tab
  • ESBINT-2421 - Improve properties view layout
  • ESBINT-2422 - Add a Copy Namespace menu item for core services
  • ESBINT-2428 - Change Scheduler Endpoint form page list to checkbox table
  • ESBINT-2440 - Edit property name after dnd and map in Mapper
  • ESBINT-2441 - Improve location browsing dialog in wizard
  • ESBINT-2444 - Add reference search result for packages and endpoints
  • ESBINT-2449 - Add refresh button to tracker document editor
  • ESBINT-2450 - Add ascending/descending and up to date options to Integrate log editor
  • ESBINT-2459 - Add default Base Path to REST API when creating it from wizard
  • ESBINT-2467 - Make placement for Quick Fix menu item consistent in Flux Editor
  • ESBINT-2480 - Support flat file editor preview for excel spreadsheets
  • ESBINT-2537 - Make Gloop SQL editor database tree lazy loaded
  • ESBINT-2543 - Don't show connection lost dialog for manual disconnection


  • ESBINT-2389 - Gloop object array is not showing the array icon in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2407 - Able to add an empty tags in the gloop rest api editor and wizard
  • ESBINT-2409 - Prevent adding of duplicate and empty value for models that uses string in rest api editor
  • ESBINT-2412 - Gloop Model name must be overridden when creating a gloop model using an xml file
  • ESBINT-2429 - Scheduler endpoint doesn't match the inputted cron weekday when saved and reopen
  • ESBINT-2431 - Able to copy and paste map lines and set expression at the wrong place
  • ESBINT-2436 - Status not updating when Starting an Endpoint.
  • ESBINT-2446 - Changing preview type of REST API Editor after Integrate restarts causes an error
  • ESBINT-2448 - Can't run Groovy script from the editor
  • ESBINT-2451 - Active instance isn't selected in wizards when no editors are opened
  • ESBINT-2455 - FFD type reverts when cancelling a prompted change
  • ESBINT-2462 - Invalid credentials exception is not handled when connecting to an Integrate instance
  • ESBINT-2464 - Fail to add service when operation was created via context menu
  • ESBINT-2465 - Validation problem on Body Parameter
  • ESBINT-2466 - Can't move or delete JSP files
  • ESBINT-2473 - Error when switching tabs in REST API editor Properties view
  • ESBINT-2474 - Wrong validation of invoke step input set expression when the property is an array and has choices
  • ESBINT-2475 - Base Path of a REST API should always be prefixed with slash /
  • ESBINT-2476 - Refactoring a gloop property with same name but parent is not the Gloop Service input model, refactors the Gloop Service REST properties.
  • ESBINT-2484 - Can't declare variable in invoke step output mapper
  • ESBINT-2485 - Adding a property via content assist doesn't trigger rename
  • ESBINT-2490 - Add Property and Map in the Invoke Step input doesn't override the set expression
  • ESBINT-2500 - Cant create JMS Listener endpoint
  • ESBINT-2503 - Unable to save user/group in the FTP Server endpoint form page
  • ESBINT-2504 - Response content proposal is not sorted properly
  • ESBINT-2506 - Widget is disposed error after closing the REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2508 - Template proposal for response is not going to the next proposal
  • ESBINT-2509 - Operation wizard is editing the service after being created
  • ESBINT-2510 - null is displayed when the service is not resolved when validating the properties
  • ESBINT-2511 - When changing the value of description/summary from tree it doesnt update the properties view
  • ESBINT-2512 - Unnecessary call on asyncExec when opening the reference
  • ESBINT-2513 - Error when trying to set the body parameter
  • ESBINT-2515 - No warning is being shown when response headers does have a model property
  • ESBINT-2517 - Duplicate declared variable name error is shown even when the declared variable is unloaded.
  • ESBINT-2518 - Delete duplicate declared variable resolution doesn't delete the declared variable
  • ESBINT-2520 - Undoing removed mock data is not redoing the right mock data type
  • ESBINT-2524 - New Response and New Parameter in the toolbar is enabled when nothing is selected
  • ESBINT-2525 - SQL query builder sometimes create unexpected parameter names
  • ESBINT-2530 - The quickfix for Edit response body is selecting operation node
  • ESBINT-2531 - Body parameter value label is not showing when its property is unresolved
  • ESBINT-2533 - Gloop service IO property sometimes not synced with REST API editor when using undo/redo
  • ESBINT-2535 - Moving files calls the move participants for gloop objects
  • ESBINT-2544 - Concurrency exception when starting up coder studio gloop with rest api editor
  • ESBINT-2549 - Creating new scheduler endpoint shows 1 in Poll Interval field but it's actually 0 when sent to integrate
  • ESBINT-2550 - Errors while resolving operations' service are not reported