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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.1.0

Made publicly available on September 18, 2018, Coder Studio v1.1.0 adds the following major improvements and features to the Coder Studio application:

  • More content proposals and templates

    Gloop service editor, fork step templates

  • More validation checks and quick fix options

    Gloop service editor, duplicate declared property validation

    REST API editor, empty operation quick fix

  • Content outline for the Flux editor

    Flux editor, content outline

The following subsections below list down all the issues which were addressed in this version:


  • ESBINT-1185 - Add Copy As > JSON for Gloop model viewers
  • ESBINT-1474 - Quick shortcuts popup
  • ESBINT-1824 - Add content proposal for fork step with $null labelled step
  • ESBINT-1957 - Add UI to publish Integrate packages
  • ESBINT-1986 - Add content proposals for break step with choices for break expression
  • ESBINT-2089 - Add Convert To functionality for REST API operation
  • ESBINT-2115 - Add content outline for Flux editor
  • ESBINT-2243 - Add Copy Reference menu item
  • ESBINT-2244 - Add validation declared property on models
  • ESBINT-2245 - Add validation for duplicated declared property name
  • ESBINT-2246 - Add validation Gloop REST properties
  • ESBINT-2247 - Add quick fix to set Iterate/While step input/output array
  • ESBINT-2335 - Add Copy As > XML for Gloop model viewers
  • ESBINT-2339 - Add Copy As > YAML menu item for Gloop model viewers
  • ESBINT-2346 - Add validation for empty operations in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2347 - Add validation for empty response in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2348 - Add quick fix for empty operations in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2349 - Add quick fix for empty response in REST API Editor
  • ESBINT-2351 - Add quick fixes for invalid declared properties
  • ESBINT-2353 - Add a Tracker document editor
  • ESBINT-2371 - Add Copy As > Gloop Doc menu item for Gloop model viewers
  • ESBINT-2372 - Add content proposal for fork step with $else labelled step
  • ESBINT-2373 - Add content proposal for async concurrent step
  • ESBINT-2375 - Add content proposal for fork over property
  • ESBINT-2376 - Add Convert To functionality for steps
  • ESBINT-2380 - Add syntax coloring to YAML viewer
  • ESBINT-2381 - Add content proposal for while step with output array
  • ESBINT-2383 - Add UI to view and download Integrate log files


  • ESBINT-2248 - In the input dialog, paste json/xml on model to set values rather than only the root model
  • ESBINT-2314 - API Property that depends on Gloop Object should always be editable
  • ESBINT-2323 - Add validation for checking existing path in the rest api wizard
  • ESBINT-2337 - Adjust the message for Path validation
  • ESBINT-2350 - Remove body parameter for HEAD http method
  • ESBINT-2357 - Revise big rest and soap api icon used in editors
  • ESBINT-2358 - Provide an empty properties view for editors that don't use it
  • ESBINT-2369 - Add a quick fix for missing path parameter from path
  • ESBINT-2374 - Wrap In should move the label to the wrapper step
  • ESBINT-2377 - Open Declaration for reference model should be enabled when one of its property is selected
  • ESBINT-2388 - Improve Coder Studio tab style


  • ESBINT-2345 - Unable to delete a produce in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2359 - Boby Parameter combo doesn't update when property names changes
  • ESBINT-2360 - Move link to API Explorer button to REST API editor toolbar
  • ESBINT-2362 - Rest API Editor index out of bound when path is empty
  • ESBINT-2364 - Parameter type combo box should be read only
  • ESBINT-2366 - Change the status of validation to error if it is breaking the API
  • ESBINT-2368 - Issue in filesystem when the a package has the same name as the Integrate instance
  • ESBINT-2370 - Declared object from previous step is not being shown in the Iterate over array content proposal
  • ESBINT-2393 - Fix NPE on missing file in REST API editor
  • ESBINT-2396 - "New" menu not present for folders under resources and web folder
  • ESBINT-2399 - Deleting items using "delete" keyboard key on the tables of the Integrate package editor triggers an error
  • ESBINT-2401 - Body parameter content assist is showing when it should not and the tree is not showing properly
  • ESBINT-2403 - Able to DnD groovy method to a gloop rest api operation service.
  • ESBINT-2405 - Dragged and dropped step doesn't get moved to 'proper' place