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Release notes for Coder Studio v1.0.0

Coder Studio v1.0.0 was released on August 08, 2018. This is the first ever version of Coder Studio to be published. From TORO Integrate v3.0.0 and onwards, it is expected for all users to use either of the Coder IDEs to create and manage their integrations.

Can I still use the original web UI?

Yes, but with limitations.

The previous web interface of TORO Integrate is now referred to as the "Server Admin UI" and has been reduced so that it contains only pages for configuring instance-wide components and properties. It can no longer be used to create and configure packages, endpoints, scripts, and other integration components as the respective interfaces for these are no longer accessible to the public and have not since been updated to accommodate the new changes brought by TORO Integrate v3.0.0. To top it off, the Server Admin UI is only accessible to Server Edition subscribers.

The initial release of both Coder applications mostly revolve around re-supporting the UI capabilities previously present in the old user interface, and adding some improvements to those previously existing features. With that said, perhaps the biggest features brought by Coder Studio v1.0.0 are:

  • Support for the debugging of services
  • Support for Gloop
  • Support for Flux
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts