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Coder Cloud v1.5.4 Release Notes

Coder Cloud was released on May 17, 2019. This patch fixes the following bugs:

  • CODE-2435 - Unable to properly load the swagger definition when opening api explorer
  • CODE-2449 - Flux tour has a bug when adding a state on the canvas
  • CODE-2450 - Guided tour doesn't work with personal saas instances
  • CODE-2451 - Creating model reference from markup and model from markup doesn't display properties
  • CODE-2452 - Clicking 'Open Declaration' using content assist doesn't do anything
  • CODE-2453 - File not being created when creating file from add icon on tabs bar
  • CODE-2456 - Flux Tour guide get stuck when adding an action for a state using the content assist and accidentally hit enter instead of double click on the content assist proposal
  • CODE-2457 - Cannot Import an Endpoint
  • CODE-2458 - Cannot delete endpoint after being exported
  • CODE-2459 - Gloop Tour guide get stuck when adding an I/O property on bottom panel and accidentally hit enter with invalid property name
  • CODE-2460 - Creating a Gloop SQL service path error
  • CODE-2461 - REST Alias document type doesn't show when creating a new endpoint on Coder Cloud
  • CODE-2463 - OK Button when sending a JMS Message stays disabled when destination has a number
  • CODE-2466 - disable cancel button when shutting down is in progress
  • CODE-2467 - remove the timeout before redirecting to /esb/login
  • CODE-2468 - Starting/stopping a package from treeview won't update if the form inputs in the editor is editable
  • CODE-2471 - Mapper not properly deleting line properties
  • CODE-2472 - disable installing from marketplace and shutdown/restart Integrate in demo version
  • CODE-2447 - Replace old icons