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Coder Cloud v1.5.3 Release Notes

Coder Cloud was released on May 9, 2019. These are the primary fixes and improvements brought by this patch:

  • Ability to restart the instance

    Restart instance from Coder Cloud

  • Ability to shutdown the instance from the Coder Navigator view

    Shutdown instance from Coder Cloud


  • CODE-2106 - Coder not aware if Integrate instance is shutdown
  • CODE-2375 - compilation error not showing in the UI
  • CODE-2386 - invalid mapping produced by HttpClient method
  • CODE-2391 - Database and endpoint tooltip popup content are outside their container
  • CODE-2392 - ConcurrentStep.gloop service in examples package does not show the logs sometimes
  • CODE-2393 - ForkStep.gloop service has an errors/warnings in the modal when running the service in examples package
  • CODE-2396 - Cannot run/debug flux with no state
  • CODE-2400 - Deleting multiple steps in gloop editor does not delete all of the selected
  • CODE-2414 - Set inputs modal should not show anymore when service has no inputs
  • CODE-2415 - choosing a service modal should add a loader
  • CODE-2424 - Misleading UI when creating new report
  • CODE-2408 - Wrong checkbox on Gloovy Step editor
  • CODE-2416 - Disable everything that won't work when Integrate instance is down
  • CODE-2333 - Implement shut down instance from Coder Cloud