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Coder Cloud v1.5.0 Release Notes

Coder Cloud was released on March 19, 2019. These are the primary features and improvements brought by this version:

  • Guided tours

    Coder's guided tour

  • Demo version of Coder Cloud

    Demo version of Coder Cloud showing the Gloop Model wizard

  • Copy and pasting of steps, map lines, and set expressions in the Gloop service editor

    Copy-pasting of steps in the Step editor

    Copy-pasting map lines in the Step editor


  • CODE-936 - Gloop Service Editor: Implement Copy, Paste, Cut for Steps
  • CODE-2137 - Create coder cloud tour
  • CODE-2211 - Create demo version for the guided tour


  • CODE-1859 - add a way to set model property from markup
  • CODE-1914 - make enabling and disabling maplines intuitive
  • CODE-2082 - add support for copy pasting map lines
  • CODE-2083 - Only allow forward slashes in rest api editor base path
  • CODE-2150 - Refactor gloop editor
  • CODE-2156 - Add indication in the treeview UI when stopping/starting database
  • CODE-2163 - add a context menu on users to get access token and edit
  • CODE-2165 - add welcome page in coder cloud
  • CODE-2189 - Notification icon and text not aligned
  • CODE-2202 - Make sure gloop editor context menu is the same with coder studio
  • CODE-2287 - Make the guided tour highlighter auto update after highlighted element resize


  • CODE-2028 - Selecting a service for SOAP api editor not working
  • CODE-2029 - Icons are not aligned when a gloop step has a breakpoint and warning at the same time
  • CODE-2030 - Can't import report
  • CODE-2106 - Coder not aware if Integrate instance is shutdown
  • CODE-2125 - Can't view configured loggers
  • CODE-2152 - rest api editor paths loses expand arrow after saving
  • CODE-2153 - missing map and create property context menu
  • CODE-2158 - when you create a new file and refresh the page, newly created file is not set as active
  • CODE-2159 - Groovy class methods metadata doesn't get updated
  • CODE-2161 - The notification when wizards are created doesn't show how many files were created
  • CODE-2164 - Tracker state not displaying content
  • CODE-2182 - Missing array label for Rest API icons
  • CODE-2184 - valid expression displays an error
  • CODE-2217 - enable/disable step should be in the gloop editor context menu
  • CODE-2219 - UI bug in error log tab
  • CODE-2220 - Errors from guided tour doesn't show a message and type in the error log tab
  • CODE-2221 - Guided Tour couldn't find a package
  • CODE-2222 - Cant close quickfix container on escape when the container is on focus
  • CODE-2224 - Don't display the you're offline banner in welcome page
  • CODE-2225 - toggle breakpoint not working from gutter context menu
  • CODE-2226 - map step still shows warning when you declare a property
  • CODE-2228 - No response warning still shows even after adding 1 in rest api editor
  • CODE-2229 - new tag should be set as active object after editing/adding
  • CODE-2231 - Double clicking on state with gloovy action should open edit gloovy script modal
  • CODE-2233 - Guided tour doesn't work if there's no examples-package
  • CODE-2235 - Nothing happens when you click delete mapline/set expression quick fix
  • CODE-2236 - Body parameter should have an error when service is deleted
  • CODE-2243 - Inaccurate context menu label
  • CODE-2244 - Can't create new gloop model if there are no active file in editor
  • CODE-2248 - Inaccurate package when creating new property in rest api editor
  • CODE-2252 - Can't get data when updating flux state action
  • CODE-2253 - keyboard shortcuts can still be used on guided tour to allow invalid texts
  • CODE-2265 - Welcome page still shows when you're switching perspectives
  • CODE-2269 - Guided Tour doesn't do anything sometimes after clicking from content assist
  • CODE-2272 - Mock Data dialog should pre-populate the data field
  • CODE-2275 - Creating a Gloop model with reference adds a "name" property to the source
  • CODE-2278 - Missing delete set expression context menu
  • CODE-2281 - Map property should also work in flux transitions
  • CODE-2288 - Step/state metadata are not set after updating step/state
  • CODE-2272 - Mock Data dialog should pre-populate the data field