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Coder Cloud v1.4.0 Release Notes

Coder Cloud was released on February 07, 2019. These are the primary features and improvements brought by this version:

  • Content assist proposal for mapping

    Content assist proposal for setting map lines

  • Content assist proposals on Flux States and Transitions for setting expressions

    Content assist proposals on Flux states and transitions for setting expressions

  • Improved debug execution view

    Improved Debug Execution view

  • Ability to mock data in Rest API editor

    Ability to mock data in REST API editor

  • Navigate between Flux States and Transitions

    Navigate between Flux states and transitions

  • Rest API quickfix for typo in path

    REST API quickfix for typo in path

  • YAML source in Gloop Model wizard

    YAML source in Gloop model wizard

  • Transition to Flux State content assist proposal

    Transition to Flux state content assist proposal


  • CODE-1647 - add validation for empty operation in rest api editor
  • CODE-1779 - Improve debug execution history view
  • CODE-1782 - Add ability to mock data in rest api editor
  • CODE-1787 - always show body parameter in rest api editor
  • CODE-1909 - Add content proposal for mapping
  • CODE-1913 - add global tag content proposal
  • CODE-2014 - Add content assist for creating flux transition
  • CODE-2025 - Only allow forward slashes, letters and numbers in the rest api base path field
  • CODE-2087 - Expand selected object in editor when adding map lines/setting expression
  • CODE-2097 - Open configure package in the editor instead of in a modal
  • CODE-1915 - Add proposals for setting property expression
  • CODE-1927 - Add content assist on flux states and transitions for setting expressions
  • CODE-1929 - Add YAML to New Gloop Model Wizard
  • CODE-2116 - Remove integrate properties editor from the UI
  • CODE-2117 - Change static files URLs on production to S3


  • CODE-1816 - Add reference models in content proposals
  • CODE-1861 - Add a way to open the endpoint service and shutdown startup services
  • CODE-1863 - add quickfix for typo in path
  • CODE-1899 - Add keyboard shortcuts for file tree view
  • CODE-1924 - added content assist for mapping in FluxStates and FluxStateTransitions
  • CODE-1961 - Double clicking on the gutter numbers should toggle breakpoints on gloop
  • CODE-1968 - Same character casing for added Gloop model property
  • CODE-1982 - Add ability to navigate between Flux state transitions
  • CODE-2104 - Implement open declaration shortcut on gloop editor
  • CODE-2114 - Change misleading label on Universal Search


  • CODE-1894 - Multiple models directory shown when expanding core package on the navigator
  • CODE-1966 - there should be a delete button in model editor
  • CODE-2012 - Remove import drag from the toolbar at the left
  • CODE-2022 - Disable/enable map lines not working from context menu
  • CODE-2031 - mapper and flux canvas does not listen when window size changes
  • CODE-2050 - Log line limiter does not seem to work
  • CODE-2052 - Include integrate logs in the console tab at the bottom panel
  • CODE-2053 - UI bug in mapper when there are no space in the input container
  • CODE-2054 - Clicking cancel does not cancel the creation of a Flux transition
  • CODE-2055 - Clicking the add property button in the Flux Input/Output view does not open the context menu
  • CODE-2056 - Flux action gets replaced as 'invokeCode' after saving and properties in mapper disappear
  • CODE-2057 - Disappearing Flux service inputs
  • CODE-2063 - Word wrapped in ticks should not be rendered in {{display: block}}
  • CODE-2091 - Disabled step does not display output properties
  • CODE-2099 - Can't set Flux start state
  • CODE-2100 - Flux state validation error removed when refreshing page
  • CODE-2101 - Right clicking the "No inputs/outputs set" part of the I/O view doesn't bring up the context menu
  • CODE-2107 - Tooltips are inconsistent and in some cases illegible
  • CODE-2113 - Open integrate logs does not work the same way as in Coder Studio
  • CODE-2128 - Angular issues with production build
  • CODE-2131 - report builder does not have base path
  • CODE-2140 - Some endpoints/static files pointing to the wrong path
  • CODE-2141 - Home links pointed to S3 url on production build
  • CODE-2142 - Incorrect fonts url
  • CODE-2143 - Report builder iframe static links 404
  • CODE-2145 - Report builder paste to editor not working
  • CODE-2146 - groovy files not compiling