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Release notes for Coder Cloud v1.3.0

Coder Cloud v1.3.0 was released on December 18, 2018. These are the things you should look forward to in this version:

  • Mapper performance and look improvement

    Mapper Canvas

  • Ability to create a Gloop service straight from the Gloop REST API editor

    Create Gloop service from Rest API editor

  • Content assist proposal for logging every n iteration in Gloop

    Content assist proposal for logging every n iteration

  • Unsupported media files will open on a new tab

    Open not supported file

  • Ability to convert a property to an array

    Convert property to array

  • Ability to map and create a property

    Map and create property


  • CODE-1635 - add array path resolution for empty or invalid input or output array
  • CODE-1664 - Enable dropping of gloop file to operation nodes and pasting of namespace to service node
  • CODE-1681 - Add copy As Gloop Doc menu item for gloop model viewers
  • CODE-1717 - add Copy Namespace for core service methods
  • CODE-1718 - add Copy Namespace menu item for core services and models
  • CODE-1722 - map and create output property
  • CODE-1737 - open content of files not supported in new tab
  • CODE-1738 - create and manipulate gloop service from rest api editor
  • CODE-1746 - Refactor controllers by moving similar functions to separate files
  • CODE-1781 - Use file name as base path when creating from none
  • CODE-1783 - Remove body parameter from context menu. Automatically add body parameter based on method types.
  • CODE-1784 - Add content proposal that create a fork step that logs every N iterations
  • CODE-1785 - Implement excel spreadsheet support in flat file descriptor editor
  • CODE-1786 - improve add property and map feature and declare property and map feature to be able to edit the property name before the property is added or declared.
  • CODE-1788 - Move reload tracker button at the top of each page
  • CODE-1790 - Implement copy namespace for files under code folder in nav
  • CODE-1870 - Refactor model editor and input/output view to use the same components
  • CODE-1875 - Refactor default mapper and invoke code mapper to use only 1 component
  • CODE-1889 - Remove unused dependencies on package.json and bower.json
  • CODE-1932 - Reuse set declare functions in mapper in gloop item components


  • CODE-595 - Update Mapper and change from svg to canvas
  • CODE-1707 - Add advanced filters on tracker
  • CODE-1740 - add context menu and shortcut for opening files from results of universal search
  • CODE-1744 - Improve open declaration
  • CODE-1755 - Sort the proposal based from its relation to the proposal
  • CODE-1756 - The dropdown of media types should display when adding new consume/produce
  • CODE-1798 - Re-arrange the content proposals in rest api editor based on its selection
  • CODE-1962 - Add option to convert property to array in Gloop model editor context menu
  • CODE-1906 - Allow dropping of external files outside code folder


  • CODE-1824 - open bottom panel button not as visible
  • CODE-1848 - Mapper output variables are also being "selected" when you select an input
  • CODE-1854 - Two services selected in service picker
  • CODE-1893 - Expose as endpoint not working
  • CODE-1925 - Properties tab is still visible on Unsupported files
  • CODE-1928 - Can't save a file
  • CODE-1933 - Mapper is not working on gloop files
  • CODE-1939 - remove dir watcher and kafka listener options when adding endpoints
  • CODE-1964 - Set expression dialog does not contain textbox for inputting other values
  • CODE-1985 - gloovy script editor for gloovy/while/fork/break not working
  • CODE-1986 - Iterate input/output property should not be an array anymore on child steps
  • CODE-1987 - Reassign property quick fix still uses old mapper components