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Release notes for Coder Cloud v1.2.0

Coder Cloud v1.2.0 was published on November 07, 2018. Most notable features and improvements include:

  • Flux content outline

    Flux content outline

  • Integrate logs view

    Integrate Logs

  • "Convert To" option for REST API methods

    REST API Method "Convert To" Option


  • CODE-1619 - Copy gloop step reference feature
  • CODE-1620 - Copy reference of flux state
  • CODE-1623 - Implement content outline for Flux editor
  • CODE-1624 - copy gloop properties as json feature
  • CODE-1630 - Implement convert to for rest api operations
  • CODE-1633 - copy gloop properties as yaml feature
  • CODE-1648 - Remove the Body Parameter for HEAD Operation in rest api editor
  • CODE-1649 - Add validation for empty response in rest api editor
  • CODE-1650 - Add quickfix for empty operation in rest api editor
  • CODE-1651 - Implement deprecated for operations in rest api editor
  • CODE-1652 - Add quickfix for empty response in rest api editor
  • CODE-1654 - Up arrow doesnt select the last item in the content-assist menu when the first item is selected
  • CODE-1675 - Add reload tracker file
  • CODE-1680 - create a quickfix for missing path parameter
  • CODE-1682 - add content proposal for fork step with a child having $else label
  • CODE-1683 - add content proposal for fork step with a child having $null label
  • CODE-1684 - improve handling of references for reference model properties
  • CODE-1689 - Add kafka listener endpoint form
  • CODE-1690 - Open integrate logs in the editor
  • CODE-1694 - implement copy step/state reference shortcut
  • CODE-1695 - Add content assist proposal for fork over property
  • CODE-1699 - Add convert to feature for gloop steps
  • CODE-1716 - add tool tip on the soap api editor
  • CODE-1719 - add error icon on title in rest api editor
  • CODE-1720 - Improve content assist for consume and produce in REST API editor
  • CODE-1728 - Implement arrow shortcuts to set active in input output view
  • CODE-1730 - add error icon on title in gloop and flux
  • CODE-1736 - update media types being used in consumes/produces in rest api editor
  • CODE-1743 - Add Postman Collection v2.1 on Gloop API wizard type selection
  • CODE-1749 - Update tracker icon
  • CODE-1770 - Change directory label to folder


  • CODE-1526 - Remove Properties view as a children of gloop
  • CODE-1618 - Implement Convert To for REST API operation
  • CODE-1685 - Better message on http 401
  • CODE-1686 - Pressing esc key on rename text inputs should revert changes
  • CODE-1698 - Set default acknowledgement mode of JMS endpoint to auto acknowledge
  • CODE-1700 - allow creation of files, except code specific files, and folders anywhere inside a package
  • CODE-1708 - Add default icons for file types on navigator
  • CODE-1709 - Support startup_service reference on Universal Search view
  • CODE-1726 - use properties view to show description and summary
  • CODE-1757 - group together related fields in endpoint form editor just like in coder studio
  • CODE-1777 - Change selected method color on service chooser


  • CODE-1687 - Pressing / to edit comments should work on input, output and model editor
  • CODE-1688 - Pressing alt + arrow should work on the model editor and on the input and output trees when allowed
  • CODE-1697 - Cannot set expression on booleans
  • CODE-1712 - Adding a gloop service to an empty folder will get the children of the folder below it in the nav
  • CODE-1727 - Model editor set active via keyboard shortcut only works on first batch of children
  • CODE-1731 - Line numbers are shown when they're not supported
  • CODE-1754 - reveal in treeview not working in models from core
  • CODE-1760 - web dir bugs
  • CODE-1761 - Enabled checkbox is showing "enabled" on configure Package even it it is disabled
  • CODE-1775 - Methods show wrong package name on service chooser
  • CODE-1796 - Duplicate file on the navigator when renaming Groovy file
  • CODE-1803 - directory watcher and kafka listener endpoints are not supported in coder cloud
  • CODE-1804 - Disable 'Relative to Current' checkbox when 'Partition' is -1 in Kafka Listener Topics Form
  • CODE-1813 - Array properties for parameters/responses in rest api editor does not show the correct icon
  • CODE-1815 - Can't create JMS destination on endpoint configuration
  • CODE-1819 - FFD delimited type file doesn't open properly if it is empty
  • CODE-1830 - Remove kafka and directory watcher from create new endpoint options
  • CODE-1831 - service name field is missing on jabber endpoint configuration
  • CODE-1832 - Tracker auto refresh malfunctions when bottom panel is closed and opened again
  • CODE-1834 - double clicking on flux state does not open the mapper tab
  • CODE-1835 - Map line still has warning saying it's empty when it has an unloaded property
  • CODE-1836 - Declare property is being created on a different step if it has a gloop model
  • CODE-1837 - Can't open context menu when rest api file is empty
  • CODE-1838 - Reveal in treeview does not work for database, reports and endpoints
  • CODE-1839 - Reveal in treeview should be disabled if active file is universal search or tracker file
  • CODE-1847 - property editor in flat file descriptor not showing
  • CODE-1849 - Can't set inputs on gloop SQL run modal