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Release notes for Coder Cloud v1.1.0

Coder Cloud v1.1.0 was released on September 13, 2018. This version brings a better, smoother Flux editor:

Smoother movement within the Flux editor


  • CODE-1639 - Refactor Flux not to use nodes and edges any more
  • CODE-1563 - Open database configuration as a file


  • CODE-1530 - Open tracker document as a file
  • CODE-1110 - Gloovy step missing expand button
  • CODE-1607 - Create a generic DND flowchart for flux


  • CODE-1702 - Package start up error doesn't get cleared
  • CODE-1703 - Flux states error while drawing
  • CODE-1679 - Can't create a monitor rule
  • CODE-1691 - Invoke in new tab does not work as expected.
  • CODE-1670 - Gloop service rest properties url path input duplicates letters while typing
  • CODE-1677 - Remove outer most border in coder cloud
  • CODE-1653 - Copying file to another folder doesn't validate filename uniqueness
  • CODE-1674 - last opened files doesn't have file name on files tab
  • CODE-1656 - Bottom panel resizer doesn't work on firefox if the active file is a flux file