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Bug reports


Upon encountering a problem, you may visit the our support page in order to access product resources, and get in touch with the community and support team. From this page, you can:

  • Visit TORO Integrate's Knowledge Base in order to learn more about commonly encountered issues and solutions
  • Log a support request
  • Contact us via live chat for urgent concerns
  • Communicate with fellow integration ninjas via the community Q&A


You may also visit our issue-tracking board to file bugs directly. To do this:

  1. Log in.
  2. From the navigation bar, click the Create Issue button.
  3. In the appearing form, provide the details of the bug you found. Ensure Issue Type is set to "Feature Request". Also, the value for the Project field should be the recipient of the feature. For example, select "DEV: Coder Studio" for bugs found in Coder Studio.
  4. Publish your ticket by clicking Submit.

When reporting bugs, we highly advise providing as much information as you can so our support team and developers can identify your issue immediately and work on releasing a fix as soon as possible. A good report will contain the following bits of information:

  • A brief, yet descriptive summary of the issue (title)
  • The series of actions that led to the occurrence of the issue, what you were expecting, and what actually happened instead
  • Resources you have that can be used with the given steps in order to reproduce the issue (e.g. Integrate package, service scripts)
  • Relevant log messages
  • Related configuration files

Exporting log files from Coder Studio

When reporting bugs related to Coder Studio, it is often useful to provide application logs to make it easier for the development team to analyze and fix the problem. Coder Studio provides a way to export log messages as a .log file. It can be done through the steps below:

  1. Access the Error Log view by pressing . Type Error Log in the search bar. Select said view from the appearing choices by pressing . You can also access Error Log view via the menu bar; simply select Window > Show View > Other > General > Error Log.
  2. On the Error Log view, click the Export Log button.
  3. Choose the name and destination of the log file.
  4. Click Save.

Exporting error logs

If in case Coder Studio fails to start and/or is unable to access the Error Log view, the log file is also accessible in the TORO Coder Studio workspace; this is /<user-home>/toro-coder-studio-workspace/.metadata/.log by default. Hidden files may need to be shown if accessing it this way.

After acquiring the logs, attach the log file to the support ticket.