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Installing and launching TORO Integrate from your desktop

Application requirements

Ensure you have the Oracle JDK 8 installed on your machine. You must also have the JAVA_HOME environment variable configured.


The easiest way to install TORO Integrate is by installing it as an app under your machine's operating system. Generally, the installation procedure for all supported operating systems goes like below.

  1. Download the installer for the Desktop Edition. There are multiple types of installers available; choose one which matches your machine's operating system.
  2. Open the file (usually by double-clicking) and follow the steps presented by the wizard in order to finish installing your application.
Want a more detailed installation guide?

A more in-depth installation guide is also available, covering procedures for fresh installations and version upgrades for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Launching the instance

After you have finished installing the TORO Integrate, you will see the TORO Integrate Launcher available on your machine as an app. It's got a nifty set of features to help you configure, monitor, and manage your TORO Integrate instance's lifecycle. To launch TORO Integrate:

  1. Run the TORO Integrate Launcher.
  2. Click the Start button.

Installing your license

Normally, calling TORO Integrate from the launcher would prompt it to start up. But since you don't have your license installed yet (assuming this is a clean installation), a dialog will pop-up. Install your license by responding to the dialog and filling up the succeeding forms.

We recommend choosing No. This option will let TORO generate the license for you instead of having to manually generate it yourself from the TORO Marketplace.

Installing a license key