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Connecting Your Instance to Coder

After you have successfully deployed TORO Integrate, all that's left to do is login and start integrating!

Coder Cloud and Coder Studio

Coder Cloud and Coder Studio are interfaces for managing integrations within TORO Integrate and TORO Integrate itself. Collectively, these IDEs are simply referred to as Coder. These two are fairly identical in their features and functions and their primary differences are:

  • Coder Cloud is a web application whilst Coder Studio is a desktop application
  • Coder Cloud is tied to the TORO Integrate instance it lives on in TORO Cloud whilst Coder Studio can manage the integrations of multiple TORO Integrate servers

Connecting to an Instance

Via Coder Cloud

Is Coder Cloud available in all editions?

Only the Cloud Edition offers the use of Coder Cloud.

Since Coder Cloud is coupled to its TORO Integrate instance, launching TORO Integrate will automatically make the Coder Cloud web application available. Simply visit your instance's URL via your browser and you should be automatically redirected to the Coder Cloud page.

Via Coder Studio

Coder Studio must be installed on your machine. All editions may use Coder Studio. To connect to an instance, launch the application and then:

Adding a new instance in Coder Studio

I messed up Coder Studio's layout. How do I reset it?

Missing views and menus, jumbled layout - has this ever happened to you? Fortunately, Coder Studio makes it easy to go back to the default perspective. At the top-right side of Coder Studio's window:

  1. Right click on the wrench icon.
  2. From the appearing context menu, select Reset.
  3. A dialog will appear to confirm your action; choose Reset Perspective.

Resetting Coder Studio's current perspective

  1. Click on Add Instance from the Coder Navigator view.
  2. Fill in the details required in the dialog.

    Fields Definition
    Name Name or label of the TORO Integrate instance.
    Address The IP address or domain address of your TORO Integrate instance.
    Secure You should check this if your TORO Integrate instance operates with HTTPS.
    Username The email you use to login to your TORO Integrate instance.
    Password The password of your account.
  3. Click Ok.

  4. Hit Apply and Close.