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Search Indices

This part of the examples package demonstrates how to make custom search indices as well as using the Solr methods in Gloop. Example services are provided for Monitor Search Index, Tracker Search Index, and Search API. You can find the following example services in code/solr/customMonitorSearch/, code/solr/customTrackerSearch/, code/solr/customSolrCore respectively.

Monitor and Tracker Search Services

Service Name Description
ListFacetCountEndpoint.gloop Queries the Solr index and geenrates a facet count.
ListFacetTermsEndpoint.gloop List down all the terms under the specified facet field.
ListPivotFacetEndpoint.gloop Queries the Solr index and generates a summary table of the results.
ListStatisticsEndpoint.gloop Queries the Solr index and generates a simple statistics.
GetFacetCountEndpoint.gloop Similar to the List Face Count API but limits to a single facet field.
GetStatisticsEndpoint.gloop Similar to List Statistics API but limits to a single facet field.
RangeFacetEndpoint.gloop Uses Range Faceting on a date field or a numeric field that supports range queries.
RequestHandlerEndpoint.gloop Demonstrates the use of the main search API of TORO Integrate's Solr API.

Search API Services

Service Name Description
MovieIndexer.gloop Add a document to the custom Solr core.
MovieSearcher.gloop Query the Solr core document indexes.