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Data Transformation

The example services under code/dataTransformation/ demonstrates how you could do simple data transformation in Gloop. See the list of available example service below.

Service Name Description
ArrayToSingleObject.gloop Map an array to a single object.
SingleObjectToArray.gloop Map a single object to an array.
FileToInputStream.gloop Convert a file object to an InputStream.
StringToInputStream.gloop Convert a String to an InputStream.
StringToReader.gloop Convert a String to a Reader object.

Due to the limitations in HSQL, the following services only work for specific SQL sources. In order to invoke this, you'll have to first run CreateSqlDatabase.gloop, which is found under code/dataTransformation/conf/, to setup the required database and tables.

Service Name Description
StringToBlob.gloop Convert a String to a BLOB.
StringToClob.gloop Convert a String to a CLOB.