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Basic Gloop Steps

This example demonstrates in various ways how each of the basic Gloop Steps could be used. The following services are available under code/basicSteps/.

Step Service
Map MapStep.gloop
Fork ForkStep.gloop
Block BlockStep.gloop
Iterate IterateStep.gloop
While and Break WhileBreakStep.gloop
Gloovy GloovyStep.gloop
Concurrent ConcurrentStep.gloop
Random RandomStep.gloop

Please take note that due to some limitations in the Coder debugger, the concurrent step example service is executed synchronously when debugging. If you'd like to test it in an asynchronous fashion, the Invoke in Browser option should be used. To do this, right-click ConcurrentStep.gloop and choose Invoke in Browser from the context menu.

Invoke in Browser


Each of the Gloop services contains a more detailed comment explaining each step.