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Flexible Deployment Models

Flexible Deployment Models

TORO's flexible deployment models enable you to host a managed instance of TORO Integrate on TORO Cloud, or host your own instance with your own cloud provider, in your own data center, or behind the corporate firewall. You can even deploy TORO Integrate using any combination of these deployment options providing the flexibility to connect to local databases and legacy applications on your own networks whilst connecting to customers and business partners in the cloud.

TORO Cloud

TORO Cloud is a service offered by TORO wherein a TORO Integrate instance is deployed and used over the internet and with TORO Integrate's pay per use model, your organisation can rely on a fully managed service that includes software, hosting, patch management, and monitoring on the TORO Cloud.

Characteristics of TORO Cloud

  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Zero maintenance - auto update and software management
  • Manage your data from anywhere
  • Improved dependability of machine to machine software and data storage
  • Scalability - flexible storage and compute capacity
  • Cost effectiveness - reduce operational costs
  • No hardware investments

Public Cloud

You can also deploy TORO Integrate on a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Alibaba Cloud. Ideal for those companies that already have servers or data repositories at a public cloud provider or require a data center in a specific geographic location.

Characteristics of an Public Cloud Deployment

  • Self managed software installation and configuration
  • Ability to customize and fine tune the server configuration
  • Data control
  • Peace of mind of internal oversight of deployment
  • No hardware investments


An on-premise deployment is installed on a company's own servers. An on-premise deployment of TORO Integrate enables you to read and write directly to local data repositories and optionally expose these as RESTful APIs.

Characteristics of an On-Premise Deployment

  • Self managed software and hardware installations and configuration
  • Ability to customize and fine tune the server configuration
  • Offline availability
  • Data control
  • Peace of mind of internal oversight of deployment
  • Configure and maintain your own servers


A hybrid deployment model is a combination of two or more of the deployment models above.

If you require your own server, be it on-premise or on your own public cloud provider, but
would like to have a managed service for your public facing instance then a hybrid of a self hosted solution plus TORO Cloud would be the ideal solution.

TORO Integrate can easily be configured to consume or publish data via RESTful APIs (as well as other protocols) from an on-premise instance, public cloud deployment and TORO Cloud instance.


All of these options have been made available to make sure our users have the best and most suitable experience in using TORO Integrate.

Deploying TORO Integrate can be done in various and multiple ways. It is important to keep in mind how you want to integrate your services, applications, and more.

Once you have determined this, then you can choose whether you'd like to deploy via TORO Cloud, which is a service offered by TORO that provides and hosts your fully managed and maintained TORO Integrate instance in TORO Cloud, a Public Cloud or On-premise, which enables you to make use of your own resources; providing you a full overview and extensive control of your integrations, or a Hybrid deployment, which is a fusion of both TORO Cloud and On-premise which allows you to harness the advantages you'd like from both of those deployments, making the best of both worlds.