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Integrate Services Defined

A service is an integration's fundamental building block. You write it to perform a particular function. Together with other services, you connect them to form an integration. TORO Integrate provides different types of services that you can pick and choose:

  • Groovy
  • Java (from JARs and .class files)
  • Spring beans
  • JavaScript

You can also dive into low-code integration development using:

Some services can also be registered with endpoints. These services are then invoked whenever the endpoint has been triggered.

Services are also designed to be interoperable. You can pick different types of services you want to use for your integration and all of them can work together. This gives you needed flexibility in your integrations.

Creating a Service

To create a service, right click on or under your target Integrate package's code folder, select New, and then choose the type of service you want to create.

Creating a service

Creating a service