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Invoking Gloop or Flux from Groovy

If you happen to need to invoke Gloop or Flux Services in your Groovy code, there's good news for you: it's possible! Even better, the process is made simple by a wizard that generates the Gloop or Flux invoking Groovy snippet for you.

Generating Groovy code to invoke a Gloop or Flux Service is so simple, it can be done with just a few steps:

  1. Right click the Gloop or Flux Service that you want to invoke from Groovy and then click Generate Invoke Gloop Code.
  2. Choose which syntax you'd like the generated code to be written in - Java or Groovy.
  3. Given the generated code, create the .groovy file for it. You have two options: (1) to manually create the Groovy file yourself and copy-paste the produced code there or (2) let the wizard create the .groovy file for you.

    To have the wizard create it for you, click Next. In the following screen, enter the location and name of the .groovy file.

  4. Click Finish.

Here's a short GIF showing you the process:

Calling Gloop or Flux Services in Groovy

Calling Gloop or Flux Services in Groovy