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In TORO Integrate, it's possible to publish your very own SOAP APIs via Gloop SOAP APIs. Gloop SOAP APIs describe the operations and security configurations of the SOAP endpoints you wish to publish in your instance. A Gloop SOAP API must be enabled with its parent Integrate Package running if you want its web services available to your clients.

Coder will also provide you the link for the SOAP API's WSDL document which your clients may use in order to call your SOAP API's services.

The Gloop SOAP API Editor

Like Gloop REST APIs, Gloop SOAP APIs are defined in .api files. Opening your Gloop SOAP API's corresponding .api file allows you access to the Gloop SOAP API Editor, which is used to configure that API further. This editor has five parts which are accessible by the different tabs visible on its bottom part, as seen below:

  • The Source view displays the contents of your .api file. This source code is written in JSON, parsed by Gloop, and is used to define the SOAP API.
  • The Documentation view displays the description/documentation of your .api file. The content of this tab end up in the documentation element of the wsdl.
  • The Operations view is where you add or remove Gloop Services that your SOAP endpoint will use in order to process requests.
  • The Security view is where you set restrictions to your API's availability.
  • The Preview displays your SOAP API's corresponding WSDL document and the link for the document itself. Previews for the WSDL document only exist when the Gloop SOAP API has operations and doesn't have any pending or unsaved changes.


Changes made to a Gloop Service that is added to a SOAP API would also update the WSDL definition of the SOAP API. Clicking the Refresh button would let you see these changes.

Creating Gloop SOAP APIs

To create your very own Gloop SOAP API, follow the steps below:

  1. Under your target package's code directory, right click where you want the .api file to reside.
    • If you're using Coder Studio, select New and then click on Gloop API among the options. You will be presented with the Gloop API Wizard.
    • If you're using Coder Cloud, select Gloop Wizard among the options and then click on Gloop API in order to launch the Gloop API Wizard.
  2. Choose Publish and then click Next.
  3. Enter the name of your API and then select New SOAP API as the type. Click Next.
  4. Choose your Gloop SOAP API's source.
    • Select None if you want to create your Gloop SOAP API from scratch.
    • Select Existing Gloop SOAP API if you want to clone an existing Gloop SOAP API. You will have to specify the Gloop SOAP API to copy by browsing its location or by dragging and dropping the .api file in the text box.
    • Select Existing SOAP API (WSDL) if you want to create a Gloop SOAP API from a given WSDL file. You can specify the source .wsdl file by dragging and dropping the file, browsing its location in the local file system, or by entering an HTTP URL.
  5. If you have selected None as the source in the step above, you can optionally click Next and specify the Gloop Services that you will use to process requests and produce responses.
  6. Click Finish.

The GIFs below shows the application of these steps:

Create SOAP API from scratch

Create SOAP API from existing API file

Create SOAP API from WSDL

Create SOAP API from scratch

Create SOAP API from existing API file

Create SOAP API from WSDL

Modifying Existing Gloop SOAP APIs

If you wish to re-configure your Gloop SOAP API, simply open its corresponding .api file. Again, doing so will show the Gloop SOAP API Editor which provides the UI for you to change your SOAP API's operations as well as the the users and groups permitted to access it.

SOAP API Operations

In order to alter the operations of your SOAP API, go to the Operations tab of the editor.

To remove an existing service, click on the Gloop Service and then tap the delete button on the top of the editor.

Deleting of operations

Deleting of operations

To add a service, however, click on the add button on and select a Gloop Service from the list of services that have popped up.

Adding of operations

Adding of operations

You could also use the content assist by pressing . to add Gloop Services, or by dragging Gloop Services from the Coder Navigator and dropping them at the Operations view.