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The Gloop Service editor has refactoring capability when it comes to renaming and deleting input and output properties as well as declared properties. Using refactoring to rename and delete properties is a more expensive operation since it will make sure that all the steps that reference those properties are modified in order to not cause errors.

To use refactoring

  1. Select a property in the Input Output View or a declared property in the Mapper View
  2. Right click then select Refactor then click Rename or Delete, or press ^Alt R or ⌘Alt R to rename or ^Delete or ⌘Delete to delete
  3. A dialog will appear to list all the changes to be made by the refactoring process, it is possible to uncheck some undesirable changes so that they are not applied
  4. Press the OK button or press Return

Once the changes applied all the steps referencing the property are modified. The refactoring process handles Map lines, Set Expression, Iterate Step and While Step input and output arrays, declared and unloaded properties.

Gloop Service Editor Refactoring

Gloop Service Editor Refactoring

Local Refactoring

Refactoring is only local to the Gloop Service, refactoring a Gloop Service input or output property will not refactor other services using it.