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Gloop Services Defined

As stated in the Gloop introduction page, Gloop is TORO Integrate's low code, graphical solution for developing software, particularly integrations and microservices. It's incredibly simple to use, very easy to learn, and allows developers to quickly become Integration Ninjas!

It does this by giving you graphical tools for performing the most common tasks, such as setting and getting variable values, iterating over arrays, performing if-else and switch-case logic, the ability to invoke Java and Groovy code (as well as other Gloop Services), and much more.

Gloop Services are structured similarly to Java methods in that they have inputs (similar to method arguments), outputs (similar to return types), and a body where the logic is performed. What's more, Gloop Services can be instantly exposed via REST, have extra properties that allow you to have Gloop validate the data prior to being executed, and they also have areas for you to add markdown comments, which are automatically inserted into your Swagger, OpenAPI, and WSDL or SOAP files so your API consumers can see your documentation, too.

Gloop also has dedicated editors, making it easy to create your own SOAP and REST APIs.

Gloop Steps

Gloop Services are split into steps and each step type has its own particular function. Below is a list of the steps available in Gloop: