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Creating and Using Package Web Pages

In TORO Integrate, if your Integrate Packages have a web directory, TORO Integrate will add them to Tomcat when the packages are started. This means you can deploy your web applications to TORO Integrate, and use all the APIs available in Integrate to get your sites up faster than ever before. You can also invoke Gloop Services, and have them render JSP pages.

The package lifecycle and Tomcat

If a package is stopped, then its associated web context will be stopped and removed from Tomcat, too.

If your package has a web.xml file in the web/WEB-INF directory, it will be used by Tomcat to configure the web application.

Coder supports HTML, JSP, CSS, and JS

You can create and edit your HTML, JSP, CSS, and JS files in Coder Studio. Coder Cloud will offer full-support1 for these file types in the succeeding version.

  1. Coder Cloud allows you to view and edit HTML, JSP, CSS, and JS files but does not offer the ability to create them.