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Exporting Integrate Packages

Why build your integrations from scratch when you can build on top of what has already been done? In TORO Integrate, it's possible to share your integrations. And by sharing your integrations, you give people access to your work so they can focus on building new things.

To the File System

Exporting a package to the file system produces a ZIP artifact which is effectively a copy of the package's data directory. This ZIP file can then be fed to other TORO Integrate instances, allowing the package to be persisted there. Everything – including the package's services, APIs, models, and configuration files – are copied.

To export your package(s), follow the steps below:

Exporting packages

Exporting packages

  1. If you're planning to export multiple packages, select them all in the Coder Navigator view. You will know a package is selected when it is highlighted in blue. You can press the key to select adjacent packages or press the key and click to individually pick out packages. You may ignore this step if you only need to export a single package.
  2. Right click on the package you want to export (any of the packages if multiple are selected), hover over Export from the context menu, and click on Integrate Package. This will bring up the Export Integrate Package wizard.
  3. From the wizard, you may recheck and reselect the to-be-exported packages. Coder Studio even allows you to shift between instances. Select and deselect as needed.
  4. In Coder Studio, you must select the destination directory; this is where Coder will place the produced ZIP artifact.

    How do I tell Coder Cloud where to place the file?

    This will depend on the settings of your browser. In most cases, the Downloads directory is the default.

  5. Tick the checkbox for Include Package Properties if you want to include the .properties files of the packages you are going to export.

  6. Click Finish, and the package(s) should be downloaded.

Manual exports

It's also possible to export a package by manually compressing its corresponding package folder in the file system. To do this, however, you will need access to your TORO Integrate instance's configured packages folder.

If you want to manually export multiple packages, you will need to compress all the ZIP files of the packages you want to export into a single parent ZIP file. It is important, however, that you do not place the individual package ZIPs under a parent directory and then ZIP that directory.

To the Marketplace

You can also share your integrations by uploading your packages to the TORO Marketplace. This platform enables you to reach a wider audience, and it allows for a more convenient method of installing packages.

To upload your packages to the TORO Marketplace, simply follow the steps below:

Uploading a package to the TORO Marketplace

  1. Right click on any package from the Coder Navigator view, select Export from the context menu, and click on Upload to TORO Marketplace. This will bring up the Upload to TORO Marketplace wizard.
  2. If you have multiple configured instances, select the instance from the combo box which contains the packages you want to export.
  3. Select all the packages you want to upload from the instance.
  4. Click Next. Doing so will display a form asking for the details of the package(s) you want to upload. You must fill in the required fields. These properties will be shown in the package's own TORO Marketplace page.
  5. Click Finish.

After going through the steps above, a popup would show, displaying the results of the operation. Successfully uploaded packages can be seen in the TORO Marketplace. If any of the uploads fail, a message will be included in the popup, indicating the errors encountered.