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Creating an Integrate Package

To begin integrating, you will need a package. This page will guide you on how to create a package from scratch.

Use packages created by other developers

It's possible to export and import packages so you won't have to create packages from the start.

To create a package, follow the steps below:

  1. If you're using Coder Cloud, right click on any blank space in the Coder Navigator view > New > Integrate Package. Since you can connect to multiple instances in Coder Studio, you have to do a right click on the specific instance where you want your to-be-created package to reside. Don't worry! If you change your mind, the target instance can still be re-selected.
  2. Now that the Package Creation wizard is visible, you may:
    • Reselect the instance where the package will be created
    • Specify the name of your package, which should be valid and unique within the instance
    • Choose whether to start the package immediately upon creation or not.
  3. Click Finish.

Creating a new package

Create packages using the Wizard Launcher

Using Coder Studio, you can open the Wizard Launcher (), enter ip (short for 'Integrate package'), and select Integrate Package to immediately open up the Package Creation wizard. Wizard Launcher showing Integrate package-related wizards

Creating a new package