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Integrate package metadata

Integrate packages were designed to be customizable in order to suit any organization's integration needs. A package has 'meta-fields' that help identify, document, and configure the package's behavior during runtime.


  • Name

    This is used to identify a package within an instance. It must be unique (within the instance) and is required. Only alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores are allowed. This property cannot be changed once set.

    Rules and conventions for package names

    Aside from character restrictions, there are certain terms which cannot be used to name a package. Learn more about naming packages here.

  • Marketplace ID

    It's possible to upload a package to the TORO Marketplace to make it publicly available. The TORO Marketplace is TORO Integrate's official platform for sharing integrations, API specifications, individual services, and more. This key will be used to uniquely identify the package there.

  • Version

    This is used to identify your package from its other variants.

  • Credentials URL

    Some packages call third-party services that require authentication. This field should be used to indicate where to get the required credentials for those services.

  • Documentation Page

    The URL of the documentation page of a package.

  • Dependencies

    The packages that are required for a package to run. A package cannot start when its dependencies are not present. A package is also not allowed to have cyclic dependencies.

  • Enable Auto Start

    A boolean property indicating if a package should automatically be called to start during instance startup.

  • Enabled

    If this meta-field is set to true, the package will be available for use during runtime. However, if it is set to false:

    • The package will be stopped and will remain in that state until you enable it. A package cannot be run when it is disabled.
    • The package's classloader will not load the Java classes defined in the package.
    • The package's services will not be available for use in other packages.
  • Startup Services

    The services that are called when a package is started. Note that when TORO Integrate is starting up, all enabled packages will be started and thus, these services will be called.

  • Shutdown Services

    The services that are called when a package is stopped. Note that when TORO Integrate is shutting down, all enabled packages will be stopped and thus, these services will be called.


The majority of these meta-fields can be configured via the Package configuration editor, using the following steps:

  1. Stop the Integrate package you want to configure if it has not been stopped yet.
  2. In the Coder Navigator view, right click on said Integrate package and click Configure from the context menu. This will launch the Package configuration editor.
  3. Edit properties as you wish.
  4. Save your changes by pressing (Coder Studio) or clicking the Save button (Coder Cloud).

Configuring an Integrate package

Configuring an Integrate package