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Remotely deploying packages from one instance to another

Remote package deployment is a shortcut to manually exporting and importing packages. Simply put, it allows developers to directly create a copy of a package residing in one TORO Integrate server to another. This operation, however, requires you to know the credentials of the receiving TORO Integrate instance.

Feature support

This feature was introduced in v2.x but has regressed and was unavailable in TORO Integrate's v3.0 release. TORO Integrate v3.1 has re-exposed remote package deployment but as of this writing, only Coder Studio provides a user interface to access said feature.

To remotely deploy a package, you must:

Remotely deploying a package

  1. Add the receiving instance to the list of currently known instances.

    Adding a new instance

  2. If you're planning to copy multiple packages, select all of the packages in the Coder Navigator view. You will know a package is selected when it is highlighted in blue. You can press the key to select adjacent packages or press the key and click to individually pick out packages. Ignore this step if you only need to deploy just one package.

  3. Right click on the package you want to remote deploy (any of the selected packages if multiple are selected), select Export > Deploy to an Integrate Instance.
  4. Select the instance you added earlier as the destination instance.
  5. Click Finish.