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Deleting Integrate packages

Deleting a package removes all of its integrations from the instance in which it resides. Its respective directory is permanently removed from the file system and the package and its integration units may no longer be used. This means that components that rely on it, like dependent packages, must be updated; otherwise they will fail to work.

To delete a package, follow the steps below:

Deleting a package

Deleting a package

  1. Stop the package(s) you want to delete.
  2. In the Coder Navigator view, right click on the package you want to delete and then select Delete from the appearing context menu. You may delete multiple packages in one go but they must all be selected first before doing the right click.

    You may select multiple packages to delete in Coder Studio by pressing the key while clicking packages in the Coder Navigator view. You may also use the key to select adjacent packages.

  3. Confirm your action.