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Service manager

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Groovy service editor

The Groovy service editor is displayed when you open a Groovy file (.groovy). Similar to most third-party editors, this editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, and content assist1 to help you write Groovy services faster and more conveniently.

The default Groovy service editor in Coder Studio is called the "Gloop-enabled Groovy editor". It provides additional functionality to 'decorate' Groovy services with Gloop annotations. It is connected to the Input/Output view which can be used to decorate method parameters and return types.

Properties view

The Properties view can also be used to add additional object properties of an input or return value of the method.

Place the cursor in a method and as you edit the inputs and outputs in the view, Coder Studio will modify your code, format it, and optimise your imports. Just make sure the method is public static.

Adding input and outputs using Gloop-enabled Groovy editor

The parameters of the method is generated in Input while the return type of the method is displayed in Output. It will be shown while your text cursor is on the signature of the method.

Groovy service parameters map to input properties in the Input view; return type to property in Output view

Unsupported by Coder Cloud

As of the moment, the Input/Output view cannot be used alongside Groovy services in Coder Cloud. Support is still pending.

  1. Coder offers content assist by providing contextual code completion while typing or upon user request (tap ). Coder analyzes the possible choices from the current caret position and shows suggestions through a small popup.