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Running a Gloop service

After you have created your Gloop service, you will want to run it. Running a Gloop service means executing the Gloop steps defined in the service. It is a pretty straightforward process, just do the following:

Running a service via Coder

Runing a Gloop service from the Gloop service editor

Runing a Gloop service from the Gloop service editor

  1. Open the Gloop service by double clicking it in the Coder Navigator view.
  2. To run the opened service, you can either:

    • Right click on the Gloop service editor. Then select Run in Coder Cloud, Run As... > Gloop Service in Coder Studio.
    • Click on the button with the run icon in the toolbar.

You can also right click on the service in the Coder Navigator view and then select the run action from the appearing context menu there.

Use the shortcut to quickly run Gloop services

To run a service in Coder Studio, press ; in Coder Cloud.

Concurrent steps are run synchronously

When running and debugging Gloop services from Coder, concurrent steps are run synchronously. To actually test concurrency, you must invoke services via HTTP.


If your service has inputs defined, the input dialog will pop up after you have selected the run command, where you will be able to set the values of your service's inputs:

Gloop service input dialog

Gloop service input dialog

Using Coder Studio, you can also export, import, and reset the service's inputs in the dialog.

Paste JSON or XML text, drag and drop JSON or XML files to set service input(s)

In Coder Studio, you can specify the values of specific properties in the input dialog by dragging the JSON or XML file to the desired property, or by selecting the properties then pressing if the JSON or XML text is in your clipboard. Only existing properties will be set; additional properties in the input data will be discarded.

After running the service, the inputs are persisted and will be used again when you try to run the service. The dialog will pop us as long as the Always ask for inputs checkbox is ticked. In Coder Studio, you can access the persisted inputs from the Run Configurations dialog, which you can open up via Run As... > Run Configurations.


Whilst the service is running, Coder will show the logs of the running service via the Console view. When the service is terminated, you will see <Gloop Service Completed> at the bottom of the Console view.

Console view after running a Gloop service

You will notice additional buttons in the toolbar:

  • Show logs

    Shows the messages logged during the execution of a service.

  • Show model output

    Shows the values produced by the service in a Gloop model viewer.

  • Show JSON output

    Displays the service's outputs in JSON format.

  • Show XML output

    Displays the service's outputs in XML format.

To show the outputs of your service in Coder Studio, click on the <Click here to see output> link in the Console view or the Show model output button in the Console view toolbar.

Showing the outputs of a Gloop service in the Console view

Console view after running a Gloop service

Coder Cloud immediately shows a visual representation of the outputs of the service.

Running a service via HTTP

Another way to run a service is to invoke it via HTTP. When executing a service via HTTP, concurrent steps are executed asynchronously.

To invoke a service via HTTP, right-click the target Gloop service in the Coder Navigator view and then click Invoke In Browser from the appearing context menu.

Coder will then open up a new browser tab and where you'll see a form for your service's inputs. Set the input arguments of your service and then hit the Invoke button at the bottom of the form to finally run your service.

Invoking a Gloop service via HTTP

Invoking a Gloop service via HTTP