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Gloop Input/Output view

The Input/Output view, located at the bottom side of Coder by default, is used to view and edit Gloop service input and output models.

Input/Output view not visible

If the Input/Output view is not visible in Coder Studio, go to the application menu Window > Show View > Input/Output. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut .

This view is composed of two Gloop model editors placed together side by side.

Gloop service editor Input-Output view

Gloop service editor Input-Output view

View layout

In Coder Studio, the Input/Output view offers different layouts for the two Gloop model editors: Horizontal, Vertical, Tabs, and Auto. By default, the Auto layout is selected; it displays the Gloop model editors either horizontally or vertically depending on the available space. The layout can be changed by clicking the table shaped icon on the view toolbar, top right of the Input/Output view.

Renaming and deleting

The renaming and deleting of properties does not refactor the steps referencing them.

Adding inputs and outputs

Coder makes it easy to define the input and output variables of Gloop services using the Input/Output view. This view is shown by default when editing a Gloop service.

The Input/Output view

The Input/Output view

There are multiple ways to add an input or output variable. You can use:

  • Hotkeys;
  • Content-assist;
  • The add button in the Input/Output view toolbars; and
  • Do a right click on the Input/Output view, and then select Add.

The last two options are fairly similar in that they both bring up a context menu listing all available property types. After selecting the type of variable you want from the context menu, you will be given the option to rename the property. Once done, press to finalize the name.


You can rename a property by doing a right click on it and selecting Rename from the appearing context menu. As an alternative, you can also press .

Adding a new Gloop service input variable

Adding a new Gloop service input variable


Pressing while focused on the Input/Output view triggers content-assist, which enables the user to quickly insert a variable using just the keyboard. Aside from primitive variable types, it also allows the user to pick Gloop models and array variables. Use the arrow keys to shuffle through available types and press to confirm your choice.

Adding a new Gloop service input variable using content-assist

Adding a new Gloop service input variable using content-assist

Dragging and dropping models

Another alternative to adding input or output Gloop model properties is to drag and drop them from the Coder Navigator view to the Input/Output view.

Dragging and dropping Gloop models from the Coder Navigator

Dragging and dropping Gloop models from the Coder Navigator