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Creating a Gloop service

Coder, like it does for everything else, makes it super-easy to create Gloop services. There are also two ways in which you can create a service, and this page will describe them both.

One way you can create a new Gloop service is via the Gloop service wizard:

  1. Right-click on or underneath the code directory of the Integrate package where your service will reside. From the appearing context menu, select New > Gloop Service. This will launch the Gloop service wizard.
  2. Provide the details of your service in the wizard and click Finish once done.

Creating a new Gloop service via the wizard

Launch the wizard using keyboard shortcuts only

As an alternative, you can launch the Gloop service wizard using the following steps:

  1. Press .
  2. Enter the keywords gs or Gloop Service (character casing irrelevant) in the dailog's text box.
  3. Select Gloop Service from the filtered results by double clicking the entry. As an alternative, you can use your and arrow keys, and then press .

You can use this method to launch other wizards as well.

Launching the Gloop service wizard via the Wizard launcher

Creating a new Gloop service via the wizard