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Gloop REST API editor

The Gloop REST API editor is what you use to map Gloop services to REST endpoints. It becomes visible in Coder when you open a Gloop REST API file (.api).

Gloop REST API editor

Gloop REST API editor

Many parts of the Gloop REST API editor mirror fields from the OpenAPI specification. This is because Gloop's RESTful API functionality was built with the OpenAPI initiative in mind; ensuring your API can be consumed by clients in a standards-compliant manner1. And as a result, it's recommended to become familiar with the OpenAPI specification, as well as the Swagger specification to get a good grasp of this feature.

This editor is split into seven tabs; all but one for gathering data which will be ported to the Swagger, OpenAPI, and Postman definitions.

Example REST APIs

The included examples package includes some REST APIs in the apis.restApi package.

  1. Gloop also automatically generates Swagger and Postman definitions for APIs.