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Integrate endpoint properties

Integrate endpoints have properties that dictate their behavior during runtime, and they vary per type of endpoint. These properties are written and read from package XML files.

Common properties

All endpoints share at least a couple of properties namely:

Name Type Description
Service (required) The service to execute under this alias.
Run As Anonymous The user to run the service in behalf of. This is logged to Tracker.
Log to Tracker false Flag determining whether executions should be logged to Tracker.
Document Type Jabber The document type to be registered to Tracker when this endpoint is triggered.


To configure the properties of an endpoint:

  1. Stop the endpoint you want to configure.
  2. Double click the endpoint from the Coder Navigator view.
  3. Edit the properties in the form.
  4. Save your changes by clicking on the save icon from the toolbar.

Scheduler endpoint properties form

Scheduler endpoint properties form