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Coder Studio Shortcuts

The tables below list all the keyboard shortcuts in Coder Studio:

Access shortcut pop-up

You can press in Coder Studio to see a list of available shortcuts. As you use different components (different editors, input and output trees, etc.), the shortcuts will change. Pressing will show the shortcuts for the component that currently has focus.

General Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Copy Path
Copy Reference
Delete (Refactoring)
Find References
Hard Refresh
Open Declaration
Quick Fix
Quick Outline
Quick Shortcuts
Rename (Refactoring)
Show Input/Output
Show Mapper
Show Properties
Open Resource
Focus Active Editor

General Gloop Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right
Move Up
Toggle Comments
Edit Comments

Gloop Model Editor Shortcuts

These shortcuts are applicable and remain the same for the following contexts:

Shortcut Description
Add Big Decimal
Add Big Integer
Add Boolean
Add Byte Array
Add Byte
Add Character
Add Date
Add Double
Add Float
Add Integer
Add Long
Add Model
Add Object
Add Short
Add String
Add Gloop Object
Convert To Array
Copy As JSON
Copy As XML
Copy As YAML

Gloop Service Editor Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Add Block Step
Add Break Step
Add Concurrent Step
Add Fork Step
Add Gloovy Step
Add Iterate Step
Add Map Step
Add Random Step
Add While Step
Add Step
Edit Gloovy Script or Expression
Enable Step
Edit Step Label

Gloop REST API Editor Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Edit Response Header
New Body Parameter
New Consume
New DELETE Operation
New GET Operation
New HEAD Operation
New OPTIONS Operation
New PATCH Operation
New POST Operation
New PUT Operation
New TRACE Operation
New Parameter
New Path
New Produce
New Response
New Tag
Toggle Deprecate Operation

Mapper Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Declare Big Decimal
Declare Big Integer
Declare Boolean
Declare Byte Array
Declare Byte
Declare Character
Declare Date
Declare Double
Declare Float
Declare Integer
Declare Long
Declare Model
Declare Object
Declare Short
Declare String
Declare Gloop Object
Edit Set Expression
Unload Property

Flux Editor Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Add Flux State
Set Icon
Set Start State
Show Grid
Snap to Grid
Toggle Waiting
Edit Gloovy Script

Debugger Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Step Into
Step Over
Step Return
Toggle Breakpoint
Toggle Step Tracepoint