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Documentation for TORO Integrate v3

Seamlessly integrate systems and applications across your enterprise using TORO Integrate. Build APIs, automate business processes, execute services based on events, log and monitor your transactions, create reports, and more – using just one solution.

Design and build integrations

Build your integrations with Coder, TORO Integrate's official IDE. Coder comes in two variants: Coder Studio (desktop application) and Coder Cloud (web application).

Deploy integrations

Integrate packages make it easy to share and deploy integrations from server to server. Deploy your packages via Coder's user interface, or do it programmatically using one-liners from RemoteDeploymentMethods.

Audit and log transactions

Monitor integrations

Monitor ongoing processes using TORO Integrate's various tools and widgets, accessible in either Coder or the Server Admin interface.

Manage your instance

Platform features

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