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Updating your License

As with installing, updating your instance's license can be done in two ways:

However, before going through the steps below, ensure that your license is already prepared.

Via Server Admin UI

Only the Server Edition of TORO Integrate includes the Server Admin UI

  1. Visit the Server Admin UI.
  2. Under the Configuration menu, select License. This will bring you to the License page.
  3. From the License page, you can either:

    • Sync your license or;
    • Manually enter the license key and then save

    Form for updating license


Using the CLI tool, execute the install-license command to reset the license key:

> install-license --license "<your license key here>"
License installed.

Auto Updates

If you are not in a rush to update your license manually, TORO Integrate will automatically update its license for you. This can take up to 6 hours to occur. You can also restart TORO Integrate since TORO Integrate checks for new licenses while it's starting up.